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July 2, 2010

This website is the mirror website of Naxalrevolution.blogspot.com

The government of India has previously tried to block
blogs in India and hence this blog has been setup to
serve as a backup and mirror site which could be
accessed in case the government re imposes the ban.

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This is a Mirror Website

August 6, 2007

This website is the mirror website of Naxalrevolution.blogspot.com

The government of India has previously tried to block
blogs in India and hence this blog has been setup to
serve as a backup and mirror site which could be
accessed in case the government re imposes the ban.

This blog is update at regular intervals.

But for the latest updates please visit


Oscar Wild Quote

August 6, 2007

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” – Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet)

Lal Salaam Song – Telgu

August 6, 2007

Source : Peoplesmarch blog
Please note : The first two minutes is a dialogue in telgu … the song starts only
after the first two minutes.This song is in the form of a ballad.

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Joke of the day

August 6, 2007

Joke of the Day

If everything works out as planned, the Naxals will be uprooted in a month or two
Malnad Hyenas a.k.a Anti-Naxal force of Karnataka in this news report

First on reading that statement my instant reaction was to yawn
but then after a while when the absurdity of the statement sunk in
I began to laugh hysterically.

It is always good to laugh early in the morning… it keeps you healthy
by releasing endorphins which are good for your body and also boost
your immune system.

If the Malnad hyenas keep cracking such jokes everyday then we will all remain
healthy for a long time to come, laughter after all is the best medicine.

Laughing Malnad Hyenas – Laughing at themselves ?

True to their hyena nature they make us all laugh.. but that must not make
us forget that they are half mad… and in fits of extreme madness they are
know to even kill their own members to cover up their crimes ,like they
did recently in Agumbe where they murdered their
own colleague PSI Venkatesh…

Maybe this was done because Venkatesh was planning to expose
his seniors who masterminded the massacre of 5 civilians recently ?
We will never know…

It is only on rare occasions that they kill each other while most of the time
they prefer to gang up on social workers, civilians and murder them
ruthlessly for which their masters award them medals.

Its like a dog show… where the dog which performs the most
number of tricks and the best tricks wins medals.

The only difference here is that here the performers are
hyenas and the criteria is how many social workers you kill.

This year my favorite to win a medal is Shankar bidri the officer
who released the Naxal Sympathiser Merit List (Provisional)
in Karnataka .It was withdrawn after people realised what a joke
it was and now a updated final list is expected by the ‘
end of this year.

One such hyena who killed Comrade Saketh Rajan
and was awarded a Presidents medal for it
is currently rotting in jail for beating his wife
unconscious because she refused to polish his shoes !

A year ago we heard similiar statements from Mahendra Karma
the notorious butcher of bastar who has masterminded
dozens of massacres of tribals and is the chief planner of
Salwa Judum(State Sponsored terror campaign )

In May 2006, he told Tehelka in an interview that Salva Judum
would be able to finish the Naxals by June 2006.Interview

Now it is June 2007 , far from finishing off the naxalites the
civil war in chhattisgarh has reached epic proportions and
threatens to engulf the whole country slowly but surely.

For the last 40 years , ruling class tyrants, their lackeys and
their ever growing in number of faithful hyenas have
been saying that they will finish of the naxalites in two months.

Its the same every two months you ask them…
We will finish the naxalites
in two months … in two months ….. two months..

A whole generation of journalists and readers have
lived and died writing and reading about unnamed
sources in the police and intelligence department
claiming the movement will be finished in two months.

The problem with these fools is that they think killing
people kills the movement.

They are unable to discriminate between
Naxalism- The idea and Naxalite- The upholder of that Idea.

They have murdered more 10,000 supporters of this idea
in the last 40 years but have yet to make a
single dent on the idea itself.

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory is what forms the core of Naxalism.

It is not just a idea… it is the idea
and a very dangerous one too.

Dangerous because it asks uncomfortable questions
that long enslaved masses have forgotten to ask.
It makes people think for themselves.

History has shown us that you can kill people
but you can never kill ideas.

For Ideas live on , evolving ,spreading, learning
from their shortcomings and taking root in
new minds and bodies.

Naxalism is one such idea whose time has come.

It has to be taken to its legitimate conclusion in
the coming years manifesting itself in every
single nook and corner of the country..

As for killing Naxalite Revolutionaries.. .go on… go ahead
and try and kill them all , just don’t be surprised when you
find 10 in the place of every single one that you kill.


Whenever there is decay in truth.. Wherever injustice prevails
Wherever the humiliation of humanity ensures
A naxalite is born again and again.

Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

August 6, 2007

Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

An inquiry by a two member commission that we ordered to look into the
hacking of resistanceindia.blogspot.com is over.

While there is no proof to implicate the Intelligence bureau, they continue
to remain the primary suspects.

It must be noted that the hacking of resistanceindia was not out of
some brilliance on part of hackers but carelessness on the part of blog admin.

This latest attempt to subvert the growing voice of revolutionary bloggers is
nothing more than an indication of the desperation of certain elements.

The account was hacked by creating a dummy login page that looked
like a gmail account page.Hence we advise users to always type in
the web address of the service
provider(like blogger.com/gmail.com)
than logging in by clicking on links.

IMPORTANT : Now that they have control of resistanceindia it is possible
that they are monitoring all visitors to that blog. Hence we recommend
users not to visit it and all those who have linked up
the blog to remove the links from their website.

Also do not email resistanceindia@gmail.com or respond to emails
received from the same email address.

It is also possible that they are now scanning all emails sent and received
from that id for whatever it is that they are looking for.

In our Disclaimer .. we have put that

This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and
if you find any content objectionable or offensive please get
in touch with us through email or leave a comment towards the
end of this post

So what this means is that if you have any objections to our blog
then please make them clear to us and give us reasons to
back them up.

Preferably in a written letter under the official letterhead
complete with seal and signature.

We assure you we will respond positively.


For Team Naxalrevolution

Uppercaste landlords training Militia to take on Revolutionaries in Malnad Region

August 6, 2007

Landlords ard ruling class elite have started funding and training
a private militia on the lines of the Notorious Ranvir Sena in
Malnad region of Karnataka.

The cream of criminals in that region are being hired
and trained to unleash a reign of terror on the struggling
people of malnad

Vishwa Hindu Sena training criminals to take on Naxalite Revolutionaries

Mangalore, Jul 23: Home minister is responsible for the Naxalite menace, alleged Pramod Mutalik, president of Vishwa Hindu Sene on Sunday Jul 22.

He alleged that by withdrawing the list of 32 Naxal supporters he behaved irresponsibly and hence is the chief cause of the Naxal encounter recently.

“Ranavira Sene battalion composed mainly of criminals which is operating in Bihar against the problem of the Naxalism has been supported by the Sene, and in Malnad (Western Ghats of Karnataka) similar team is getting prepared in association with the Rama Sene,” he added.
The team has not named the few retired police officials sympatetic to the RSS who have extended their support to the team, he opined.

While replying to the queries raised by media persons, he said that although the ideals and goals are right, the way they go ahead is not right, he concluded.

Prasad Attavara, convener of Shri Rama Sene and Kumar Palemar were present in the press conference.


YouTube a new vehicle for NPA propaganda

August 6, 2007

YouTube a new vehicle for NPA propaganda

By Ike Suarez, Tech Times Contributor

YouTube, the online video forum, accessible to anyone in the world with Internet broadband connectivity, now appears to be a new guerrilla front for the New People’s Army in its 38-year insurgency to overthrow the Philippine government and establish a Stalinist society in the country.

An examination of this online video portal shows that the National Democratic Front has uploaded a number of propaganda videos into it with a view to rebut the charge they are a terrorist group as classified by the United States State Department.

The videos appear professionally done with the composition of the camera shots, their sequencing, and voiceovers produced by crews familiar with television work and broadcast news. A group calling itself ISNYP Media, which claims to be an official propaganda arm of the National Democratic Front, has produced them.

The videos have been uploaded by ISNYP Media itself or by a certain Jake25 whose commentaries in the feedback section give the impression he is an official NPA propagandist or at least a rabid sympathizer.

The videos also offer a subscribe button for online viewers interested to regularly receive online feeds from the National Democratic Front.

An examination of the commentary sections show that the videos have elicited passionate reactions for and against these videos with Jake25 often taking the cudgels for the Maoist rebels.

An example would be the series of online videos showing the capture of a Philippine Army 1st lieutenant and a private first class and their subsequent release in March and August 2004, respectively. The Philippine Army junior officer and enlisted man were captured in an encounter in Barangay Bataan and Tinamba, Camarines Sur.

The voice-over has been done by a propagandist of the Romulo Jallores Command of the New People’s Army who has identified herself as Luisa. Though her face is not shown in the videos, she narrates events in Filipino with a well-modulated voice typical of television reporters in the Philippines.

The scripts for the voice-over have also been written in line with standard formats for television newscasts and documentaries.

Stressed is the message that the NPAs treated the two prisoners humanely and in line with the protocols of the Geneva Convention. The NPA is therefore not a terrorist group as branded by the US State Department.

As of this article’s writing, most of these videos have drawn a total of from over 1500 to 2000 online views.

One video shows the capture of 1st Lt. Ronaldo Fidelino and Private First Class Ronel Nemeno. Another shows their days in captivity with the NPA.

A third shows a cultural show done by the NPA for them. A fourth shows their release.

Their release features a speech done by NDF Spokesman Greg Bañares who again stressed that the NPA is not a terrorist group. The ceremonies also feature a sequence showing an NPA unit, its members clean-cut and neatly dressed smartly performing close order drills.

The videos have elicited a few dozen comments, all of them hotly partisan for or against the NPA.

One unfavorable comment in Filipino is a poster claiming he is an OFW coming from Bukidnon. He accuses the NPA of extorting revolutionary taxes from even very small landowners.

In several postings, Jake25 repeats variations of the theme that the NPA is the true army of the people.

The NPA is only one of the many dissident groups worldwide now using YouTube as a propaganda forum.

It is also being used by other political groups considered as legitimate in their countries as a vehicle for projecting their political agendas. Among these are presidential hopefuls in the United States who seek to be the Republican’s or Democrats’ standard bearers in the November 2008 US presidential elections.

(NDF search link on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/results? search_query=national+democratic+ front&search=Search. YouTube [www.youtube.com], owned and controlled by Google, is an online portal where anyone on the planet with Internet connection can post videos with subjects anything under the sun, which then can be freely accessed as well – ed.)

Manila Times

Video of Mass Rally of CPI(M-L)Liberation in New Delhi , 23 rd March ,2007

August 5, 2007

Given below is the video of the Mass Rally of CPI(M-L)Liberation
held in New Delhi on the 23 rd March which is the day that Bhagat
Singh one of the greatest revolutionaries of India was hanged.
The rally was also organised to protest against SEZ’s and
anti-people policies of the ruling class combine.

The CPI(M-L)Liberation is a legal overground political party
which has its origin in the original CPI(M-L) of the 1970’s.
They are that faction which split into the anti-Lin Biao camp
and gave up armed struggle in the mid 1980’s and now only
contest parliamentary elections.They are often labeled as
revisionists by the Armed Maoist groups and in turn they
label the armed maoists as anarchists..

It is important that I mention that this entire rally was
boycotted from start to finish by the corporate controlled
media.Not a single word was written by the any of the so called
national newspapers.. not a single minute of this rally
was broadcast on any of the dozen news channels that telecast
news which could rival any Saas Bahu serial.(Maybe thats why
this rally did not fit into their progamming ?)

This is the response of the media when this was one of the biggest political
rallies held in New Delhi in the last 10 years !

Amit Sengupta
a popular coloumnist who was present at this rally
summed it up beautifully

They came in disciplined, non-violent, totally committed and organised groups led by the CPI-ML (Liberation): from Giridih in Jharkhand and Arwal in Jehanabad, to Singur in Bengal, Sonebhadra in UP, Karbi Anglong in Assam, Mansa in Punjab and interiors of South India. They came in waves of red, the people of India, the invisible majority; there were no traffic jams, no violence, not a moment of metropolitan disruption. This was perhaps the biggest rally in years in the capital and the topical backdrop was the Nandigram massacre.

Next day, not a word was reported in any of the big papers in Delhi. Not one word. As if, this India, this massive protest, does not exist.

But this India exists, in affirmation and hope, in sacrifice and struggle, in dissent and resistance. Because revolutions don’t happen in Lakme fashion shows or in the big bucks of schizophrenic cricket, when the entire media lost it. People learn from history, from mistakes of the past. Revolutions move relentlessly in invisible spirals, of quiet, volcanic, unseen social unrest, in the daily struggles of survival and despair, when the radical turning point is waiting in the next bylane of an unknown village. Like Naxalbari, Nandigram and Kalinganagar.

Video of the Massive Rally

Link to Video

Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!

Here are some blogs run by M-L Liberation Sympathisers




MSH comments on Interview with Ganapathy , General Secretary of the CPI(Maoist)

August 5, 2007

Monkeysmahesheaven has an interesting list of articles on what it
calls Fake-Maoism

In that section they have an article on Comrade Ganapathy’s Interview where in he
comments on the recent Islamic Upsurge.. They seem to agree with what he
had said…

Excerpt: Interview with Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist)

[The questions that follow have been sent by various newspapers to Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist). More than half of these were sent by BBC. The answers by Ganapathy are being sent to the media in the background of the successful completion of the Congress of the CPI(Maoist) and other recent developments—Azad, Spokesperson, CPI(Maoist), 24th April, 2007]

[The following is only a small section of the full interview available online — PF]

On the Islamic Upsurge:

Q: But globally the fight is now becoming pro-globalisation versus Islamic upsurge—in this scheme of things how do you see a classless society?

A: Globalisation is a war on the people and on every value cherished by the people for centuries. Globalisation is the ideology of the market fundamentalists. The market fundamentalists are destroying everything a nation had possessed and preserved for centuries. They promote nothing but sheer greed and self-interest with the sole aim of global hegemony and the means to achieve it is a war on all fronts—military, economic, political, cultural, psychological. And to achieve this “lofty” goal, they think even the destruction of the world is collateral damage.

There is a people’s upsurge against globalization all over the world and Islamic upsurge is an integral part of the worldwide people’s upsurge against imperialism, imperialist globalization and war.

A classless society-Communism—is a conscious human project and has to be built through the transformation of human consciousness. And to achieve this, the first step is to destroy imperialism on a world scale and domestic reaction in every country. Islamic upsurge is a reaction to imperialist globalization and imperialist oppression and exploitation of the world people, and Muslim masses in particular. As long as imperialism exists, and as long as it bolsters up decadent reactionary comprador Islamic regimes in countries of Asia and Africa, it is impossible for the Muslim masses to come out of their fundamentalism. It is only after the destruction of imperialism on a world scale can the Islamic masses come out completely from their obscurantist ideology and values. This will pave the way for the establishment of a classless society.

Q: What is your opinion about Islamic upsurge?

A: The answer to this question is already contained in the above explanation. In essence, we see the Islamic upsurge as a progressive anti-imperialist force in the contemporary world. It is wrong to describe the struggle that is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestinian territory, Kashmir, Chechnya, and several other countries as a struggle by Islamic fundamentalists or as a “clash of civilizations” long back theorized by Samuel Huntington and which is being resurrected by all and sundry today. In essence all these are national liberation wars notwithstanding the role of Islamic fundamentalists too in these struggles. We oppose religious fundamentalism of every kind ideologically and politically as it obfuscates class distinctions and class struggle and keeps the masses under the yoke of class oppression. However, “Islamic fundamentalism”, in my opinion, is an ally of the people in their fight against market fundamentalism promoted by the US, EU, Japan and other imperialists.

The upsurge is bound to raise the anti-imperialist democratic consciousness among the Muslim masses and bring them closer with all other secular, progressive and revolutionary forces. I see the Islamic upsurge as the beginning of the democratic awakening of the Muslim masses despite the domination of fundamentalist ideology and outlook in the Islamic movement at present. Our Party supports the Islamic upsurge and seeks a unity with all anti-imperialist forces.

Q: Nasarullah of Hizbollah has recently said that Left should come close to Islamists. In Indian context—what do you feel?

A: I basically agree with what Nasarullah of Hizbollah has said. One must understand that Nasarullah is referring to the struggles for national liberation from imperialism in Islamic countries.

The need of the hour is to achieve the unity of all forces opposed to imperialism, particularly US imperialism, which is aggressively destroying every human value handed over to us by thousands of years of history and is oppressing every nation of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Left cannot even claim itself to be democratic if it does not initiate steps to unite with the forces in the Islamic movement which are fighting for national liberation from imperialism, particularly US imperialism. All the ongoing movements which are supposed to be led by Islamic forces in various countries as I had mentioned above, are national democratic movements in content. The strong religious language used by the leadership of these movements does not alter their national democratic essence and their anti-imperialist character.

MSH has not done enough investigation into the CP India (Maoist) to know the details of its line or whether it can be considered a true Maoist party. In any case, the above orientation toward the “Islamic upsurge” is correct. MSH likes what Ganapathy has to say here.

Just because the “Islamic upsurge” casts itself as religious does not negate that such movements 1. have a democratic character and 2. are part of the broad united front against the principal enemy, U$ imperialism. Let’s see what Mao Zedong had to say about it in On Contradiction:

When imperialism launches a war of aggression against such a country, all its various classes, except for some traitors, can temporarily unite in a national war against imperialism. At such a time, the contradiction between imperialism and the country concerned becomes the principal contradiction, while all the contradictions among the various classes within the country (including what was the principal contradiction, between the feudal system and the great masses of the people) are temporarily relegated to a secondary and subordinate position.

Lin Biao in Long Live the Victory of People’s War said:

Since World War II, U.S. imperialism has stepped into the shoes of German, Japanese and Italian fascism and has been trying to build a great American empire by dominating and enslaving the whole world. It is actively fostering Japanese and West German militarism as its chief accomplices in unleashing a world war. Like a vicious wolf, it is bullying and enslaving various peoples, plundering their wealth, encroaching upon their countries’ sovereignty and interfering in their internal affairs. It is the most rabid aggressor in human history and the most ferocious common enemy of the people of the world. Every people or country in the world that wants revolution, independence and peace cannot but direct the spearhead of its struggle against U.S. imperialism.

Just as the Japanese imperialists’ policy of subjugating China made it possible for the Chinese people to form the broadest possible united front against them, so the U.S. imperialists’ policy of seeking world domination makes it possible for the people throughout the world to unite all the forces that can be united and form the broadest possible united front for a converging attack on U.S. imperialism.

Insofar as it is possible, proletarian forces should attempt to assert their leadership role within the united front. However, if proletarian forces are too weak to assert their leadership role, they should not take up positions that amount to de facto calls for “revolutionary” defeatism against oppressed nations. They should also defend themselves within the united front. They should maintain organizational autonomy and not liquidate into the united front. They should not enter into de facto alliances with imperialists for sectarian reasons. Forces that take up such a reactionary line are basically doing the work of the CIA; they are plan B and plan C compradors. Those fake-Maoists in the “RIM” who have entered into an alliance with U$ imperialism against the Taliban and Islamic Republic of Iran are traitors. Serve the People of IRTR said:

We communists are atheists. Religion is fundamentally opposed to the philosophical position of materialism and therefore must be rejected by every communist. But religion is a product of social conditions. It cannot be eliminated under the obscurantist systems of capitalism and feudalism that prevail everywhere in the world today (with the exception of a few small, isolated societies that still practice so-called primitive communism). In particular, the contradiction between religion and science is not the principal contradiction at this time; the principal contradiction is that between imperialism and the oppressed nations.

Observe what that means when the white-chauvinist First World “left” attacks Islam today, in 2007. Such “leftists” elevate their opposition to religion above their (stated, not genuine) opposition to imperialism. They end up serving imperialist interests, whether they realize that or not. It’s no accident that the imperialist media in the united $nakes try to fan up opposition to Islam; that serves, by extension, to build up opposition to several powerful resistance movements and to distract the proletarian camp from our main enemy, U$ imperialism.

By contrast, we communists see that most Muslims today are proletarians and therefore likely allies of the international communist movement. We correctly regard them as part of the united front against imperialism. If the Iraqi resistance, after gloriously liberating the country from the Great $atan, set up an Islamic theocracy, that would be a contradiction for the Iraqi people to resolve eventually. But even an Islamic theocracy, while not ideal from a communist perspective, would be by far preferable to a Yankkkee puppet state (including, tellingly, a “communist” party hand-picked by the united $nakes). Right now, with their country under imperialist occupation, the Iraqis cannot choose between theocracy and other forms of government; the great $atan is imposing a puppet regime on them. Setting up any other government, theocratic or not, is predicated on the liberation of Iraq from Yankkkee clutches. And that means uniting all patriotic forces, including religious ones, in the anti-imperialist struggle. That’s because the fight against U$ imperialism is the principal contradiction. (source: https://irtr.info/forums/vtopic3005.html)

People need to wake up and see that not everyone calling themselves “Maoist” is a real Maoist. Bob Afakean’s new age cult pyramid scheme and the fake-Maoists in the “RIM” should be treated as enemies of the proletariat for attacking the “Islamic upsurge” and making alliances with the Great Satan, Amerikkka. People need to start looking beyond how people self-identify. People need to examine the content of people’s lines and the objective effects of those lines in the world. Revisionism doesn’t wear a “kick me” sign — neither does the CIA.


Disband the RIM

August 5, 2007

Of late whispers that the CIA has infiltrated RIM are getting louder and louder.
There is so much propaganda for and against this…
I am really not in a position to come to a definite conclusion.
You decide !

BTW IRTR – is the short form for It is Right To Rebel Forums !
https://irtr.org/index.html(Currently not working)
A political forum which is/was ? sympathetic to
Maoist Internationalist Movement http://www.etext.org/Politics/MIM/

Get off the fence! Disband the RIM and smash revisionism! Put Maoism in command!

IRTR stands with genuine communists in calling for the disbanding of the CIA-influenced, labor aristocracy-generated organization known as the “Revolutionary Internationalist Movement” (RIM) that is currently supporting imperialism against Iran and disrupting People’s Wars throughout the world. The RIM is primarily led by CIA asset R¢P=U$A, a left-wing Euro-Amerikan nationalist party based in a reactionary exploiter class, and its lackeys and collaborators. The R¢P=U$A is united with and moves in lockstep with the CIA.

The R¢P=U$A and the RIM have pushed Trotskyism disguised as Maoism. They have upheld the theory of productive forces. They have upheld Trotsky’s class analysis of the first world. They oppose international class analysis and concrete analysis. They reject self-determination and national liberation for oppressed nations. The reject the national liberation of Occupied Mexico, Aztlán, even as the migrant movement orchestrates the largest demonstrations in u$ history. They have also rejected socialism in one country. They have adopted the Trotskyist world party approach; they have created a Trotskyist Fourth International. Under first-world leadership, the RIM works to control and disrupt movements in the Third World and oppressed nations. They reject the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and in its place uphold Liberalism. This crypto-Trotskyist formation undermines genuine Maoism and gives “left” cover to imperialism.(1)

In addition, the R¢P=U$A and the RIM involve themselves in direct police work.(2) They gave cover to the CIA-generated peace accords in Peru and misrepresented the view of the non-imprisoned Communist Party of Peru for years. They now admit that the line of the Communist Party of Peru and its concept of two-line struggle was not the one being represented by RIM’s journal all these years.(3) Hence, RIM continued to give legitimacy to those that the Communist Party of Peru had deemed outside the Party. In other words, the RIM aided in the setting up a CIA-backed fake “leadership” in Peru in addition to lying and giving ideological cover to the CIA-generated peace plot. At the critical point, in Peru, when the leadership had taken big blows, the RIM intervened to set itself and its CIA allies as a fake leadership.

It is public knowledge that the RIM incubated what are openly revisionist parties.(5) RIM’s liberal crypto-Trotskyist line drops bits of acid everywhere that people’s wars and other progressive movements strike blows against imperialism. And now we hear whispers from the RIM that the dictatorship of the proletariat is really just an improvement of liberal democracy. We hear whispers that multi-party democracy, not cultural revolution, is what will stop capitalist restoration. We see widespread anti-communist myths about Stalin and Mao being used to abandon the dictatorship of the proletariat. We hear that Jiang Qing and the Great Proletarian Revolution were one-sided.(6) We hear that capitulation is just another twist in the road.

The situation in Iran has taken the RIM-CIA plotting to new levels. R¢P=U$A and an Iranian fake-Maoist first-world exile group known as “Communist Party of Iran (MLM)” are now advocating the concept of revolutionary defeatism for Iran. The first-world Iranian fake-Maoists even denounced Iran’s nuclear program in an atmosphere of war where the nuclear program is a lightning rod for imperialists. The R¢P went so far as to call for the liberation of Iranian wimmin as the u$ was poised for invasion, reflecting and dovetailing with imperialist propaganda.(7) Their ideological contortions are worthy of the Trotskyists-turned-neo-conservatives in the u$ state department.(8) They now subtly advocate, in Lenin’s name no less, the imperialist intervention in Iran as a catalyst for “revolution.” Lenin never meant the concept of revolutionary defeatism to apply to oppressed nations. Their practice is nothing less than that of CIA stooges giving “left” cover to u$ imperialism. In this respect, the Iranian RIM exile group is no different than the Iranian Mujahedin, who also advocate the imperialist disposal of the national bourgeois state in Iran under “left” cover.

One component of Trotskyism is to reject the progressive role that the national bourgeoisie can play in the anti-imperialist and New Democratic struggle on the way to socialism. R¢P=U$A and its fake-Maoist allies, while considering surrendering proletarian leadership and dictatorship and contemplating disarming the people’s war in Nepal, are now supporting imperialism against the national bourgeoisie in Iran. Such a seemingly contradictory approach to the national bourgeoisie can only be explained by gross CIA maneuvering justified by crypto-Trotskyist contortions.(9) There is no “third pole,” as the crypto-Trotskyists claim, especially not a “third pole” made up of Iranians exiled in New York and London. Contrary to Trotskyism, the proletariat and its leadership enters into a united front with the national bourgeoisie against imperialist aggressors. In Iran, this means uniting with the current nationalist government against the u$, just as Mao united with the Guomindang against the Japanese invaders. As Mao said,

“To sustain a long war by long-term co-operation or, in other words, to subordinate the class struggle to the present national struggle against Japan — such is the fundamental principle of the united front. Subject to this principle, the independent character of the parties and classes and their independence and initiative within the united front should be preserved, and their essential rights should not be sacrificed to co-operation and unity, but on the contrary must be firmly upheld within certain limits.”(10)

With their “neither imperialism nor Islam” line, the RIM is promoting itself as the support that is needed for the success of an “independent” Maoist movement in Afghanistan, while the Taliban’s war of resistance against the u$ occupation has killed more amerikan troops and destroyed more u$ military equipment than all parties in the RIM combined. (11) You don’t have to be on the ground in Afghanistan to know that the Taliban is a greater ally in the Afghan national resistance against u$ imperialism than the R¢P=U$A. The Guomindang’s blatant anti-people operations did not stop the Communist Party of China from successfully joining forces with them in the national struggle against Japan. But the RIM throws out Mao’s theory and practice of the United Front in wars of national liberation, and offers an imperialist country directed International in its place.

Even if the RIM were merely a traditional Trotskyist Fourth International, with no clear CIA involvement, we would still struggle against it on other grounds. Stalin and Mao supported the disbanding of the Comintern — it had become a hindrance to developing revolution. The Comintern model in itself leads to first-world and social-imperialist hegemonism and the mechanical copying of the foreign in the manner of Wang Ming. However, the RIM is more than this.

R¢P=U$A and the RIM are infiltrators of the Maoist movement. Revolutionaries should not be fence-sitters. Organizations who can’t see what is going on should learn the differences between Maoism and Trotskyism. Then, once they have learned the difference between Maoism and Trotskyism, they can study the details about why R¢P=U$A and its lackeys are not mere Trotskyists like the Spartacist League or Socialist Workers Party. These fake-Maoists have gone beyond revisionism and Trotskyism and do the bidding of the CIA. Those who cannot understand what is being said here should not be calling themselves Maoist scientists.

It is not enough to stand on the sidelines. There are real-world repercussions of inaction by fence-sitters: You Bite Your Tongue In Service Of Imperialism! Put Politics In Command!

We live and fight in the era of Mao Zedong. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the furthest advance of revolutionary science in history. MIM was formed on the basis of Maoism in 1984. In 1984 through to the 1990s, the revisionist RIM was still calling for unity on the basis of “Leninism” — which is why the Communist Party of Peru identified itself as a red faction among RIM revisionists, especially Bob Afakean and his Co-RIM partners. Maoism is the revolutionary theory and strategy in the era of imperialism and social-imperialism. It was Mao who best taught us about the threat of revisionism in the Party, and it was Mao who unleashed the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. It was the Chinese Communist Party of China under Mao’s leadership that produced the glorious strategy of encircling the reactionary first world from the revolutionary Third World. Unlike the CIA agents wearing Trotskyist and Maoist masks, genuine Maoists clearly stand with the Third World against the first world. We Maoists staunchly defend Iran, including its current government, against all imperialist attacks. We oppose all “left”-wing meddling in Iran’s internal affairs. We also support Iran’s right to develop nuclear technology as it sees fit. We stand on the correct side of the principal contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nations.

Smash the vile CIA and all its lackeys!

No war against Iran!

Smash revisionism!

Get off the fence!

Put Maoism in command!



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Videos of Police Firing on peaceful agitators in Khamman district of andhra pradesh

August 4, 2007

Video 1 –
6 minute video clip on entire police firing in which Ak-47’s were used
on unarmed civilians
Warning : This video contains graphic images of dead bodies
and half dead
men and women most of whom later die.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Link to video

Video 2 –
1 minute video on police hitting a non violent activist peacefully protesting along with others when a male policeman comes and hits her(Male policemen are not supposed to hit women by law)

Link to video



Mowing Down Peaceful Agitators

August 4, 2007

Mowing Down Peaceful Agitators

WITH further intensification of the land struggle of the poor in Andhra Pradesh led by the 195 mass organisations, the repressive measures of the Congress government assumed inhuman proportions, shedding the blood of the agitators. Seven innocent people were killed including a woman, at Mudigonda in Khammam district in police firing. 16 others were injured.

At Mudigonda, when about one thousand poor people were conducting rasta roko, a circle inspector and another sub inspector of police entered into arguments with the agitators, demanding them to give up raasta roko and threatened them of resorting to lathicharge.

Reviling the local CPI(M) leader, Bandi Ramesh, the police started beating him up black and blue. When the agitators were questioning the police action and trying to release him from the clutches of the police, the additional SP, who arrived there with additional police forces, ordered firing.

The police, which now included anti-naxalite squad personnel in plain clothes who carried AK-47s, started to fire on unarmed peaceful agitators without any prior warning. It is mandatory that the police first announce to the people its intention to resort to firing, and then fire in the air and later if necessary fire below the waist. None of this was followed. In the indiscriminate firing by the police, four people died on the spot and another two people, who were injured in the firing, died while being shifted to a hospital. The seventh person died three days later in a hospital in Hyderabad. All of them had bullet wounds above the waist. One aged person was fired on the head.

Another sixteen people were injured in the firing. The police fired 100 rounds which reflects their brutality.

Anti-naxal squad in plain clothes shooting the agitators with AK-47s.The Grey Hyenas are
trained Death squads which have murdered hundreds of naxalites and naxalite sympathisers
in the last few years.The State has now started using them on civilians

An old feeble man shot directly in the head
Her husband dies in her lap

Protestors scuffle with police
Policewomen play tug of war with a activists hair

Half dead people being rushed to hospital by civilians

A policewoman strangling an agitating landless laborer.

Dead bodies piled up after the police fired more than 100 rounds on unarmed protestors


All they wanted was do bigha zameen… all that the government could give
them was bullets..

When Industrialists knock on the doors of the state the government machinery falls at
their feet and gives them hundreds of acres of land at throwaway prices
but when poor and landless laborers demand the land which is rightfully their own
the government shoots them dead !

A government of the rich,by the rich ,for the rich .

Judicial probe into Naxal encounter sought

August 4, 2007

Saturday August 4 2007 12:26 IST

SHIMOGA: Members of the Menasinahadya Encounter Agitation Federation took out a protest march in the city on Friday, demanding a judicial inquiry into the incident.

They alleged that policemen were responsible for the killing of innocent people by labelling it as an encounter. They demanded suspension of the policemen responsible for killing of innocent tribals.

The family members of the deceased should be given Rs 10,000 each, they said. A separate committee should be formed to investigate the series of robberies near Agumbe and action should be taken against the culprits, they demanded.


Maoists do their bit to prevent global warming – Use solar energy

August 4, 2007

Solar panels found in Maoist dumps
Thursday August 2 2007 13:06 IST

RAJAHMUNDRY: For the first time in the district, the police recovered ‘solar photo voltaic plates’, being used by CPI (Maoists) to trigger landmines.

The solar panels were found in two dumps unearthed by the Anti- Naxal Squad (ANS) police in the forests under Donkarayi police station limits.

Besides solar panels, the police also recovered gelatin sticks, weighing about 150 kg, 25 electrical detonators, one 0.5 HP generator, three wire bundles used for connecting the explosives and some literature.

Hitherto, the extremists used to use primary cells, used in radios and torch lights and the secondary cells like — lead acid and alkaline batteries — to trigger landmines in forests. They also used camera flashes in some incidents for triggering the explosives.

As the batteries are getting discharged and some cells need electric power to recharge them, the extremists are using solar panels.

The Naxalites will arrange solar panels in sunlight and connect them to the rechargeable batteries to charge them. They are also using the solar panels for lights for moving in forests in the night.

The police confirmed that the extremists have used solar power system in Singanakota and Tanganakota blasting a few months ago in the district.

‘‘We don’t know whether the police recovered solar panels in any place earlier. But, for the first time in East Godavari district we noticed that Maoists are using solar photo voltaic plates for killing the targets and damaging the government properties.

The dumps were hidden some two years ago near Buradakota and Tarniwada hamlets,’’ said SP B Srinivasulu in a press conference organised here today. ‘‘With the use of solar energy, there is no need for power supply to charge the batteries and the cells can be charged with solar panels.


Resistance India hacked ?

August 3, 2007

Comrade Bimal who used to post on resistanceindia has informed
me that his account has got hacked yesterday..

It is still not clear if his blog can be retrieved

If anybody mails you from the hacked gmail account claiming to be
bimal please do not respond….

We are conducting a thorough inquiry into how this has happened
and will post an update soon…


For Team Naxalrevolution

Calling for Volunteers

August 3, 2007

If any comrades/friends who have corresponded with me earlier
are interested in helping me manage this website …
Please email me …

We can discuss ways in which you could help in the management of
this website , as it has become a little too big for me to manage alone.

Ideally you should be able to devote 4-6 hours a week online.

Preference will be given to international comrades.

Even if you have just been a regular reader but never contacted
us you could still volunteer… just write a brief intro..

The final selection will be done
at the sole discretion of Team Naxalrevolution


For Team Naxalrevolution

Latest Interview with FARC EP Commander Raul Reyes

August 3, 2007

Received via Email

Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes

Raúl Reyes

Here in Colombia, it is true what some say about it being a narco-democracy. I believe there is a narco-state, a narco-economy, but there is also a great hypocrisy in the Colombian political establishment because they sell the story that they are fighting drug trafficking. They go to the United States to ask for support to fight against drug trafficking. And they go to the European Union to ask for support to fight against drug trafficking. They organize forums and seminars about the fight against drug trafficking when they themselves are the drug-traffickers and the beneficiaries of drug trafficking. This is an extreme degree of hypocrisy, no?

[By Garry Leech]

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a peasant-based guerrilla army with an estimated 18,000 fighters, has been waging war against the Colombian government for more than 40 years. In recent years, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and US President George W. Bush have both intensified their efforts to defeat the FARC as part of the so-called war on terror. However, despite receiving more than $4.5 billion in US aid over the past six years, the Colombian government has yet to achieve a military victory. In June, I traveled to a remote jungle camp to meet with FARC Commander Raul Reyes. During a two hour interview, Reyes discussed the para-politics scandal, the revolutionary struggle, the dirty war, child soldiers, the FARC’s controversial use of home-made mortars and landmines, Plan Colombia, Plan Patriota, neoliberalism and the prospects for peace in Colombia.

Q: What is the significance of the para-politics scandal for democracy in Colombia?

Raul Reyes: The para-politics scandal is the result of many years of the existence of drug trafficking in Colombian politics. Drug trafficking money circulates at every level of the government, in all the apparatuses of the State, all the governmental institutions. Drug trafficking has carried various presidents to the presidency. But aside from the money for presidential candidates, the money also funds congresspersons in the House and the Senate. Many judicial processes are also bought with drug trafficking money. Drug trafficking money has also penetrated inside the police, inside the army, inside the DAS, the SIJIN, that is to say, inside all the components of state security. The president is compromised with this money. This money is also found in industry, in commerce, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical industry, in all of these.

For these reasons the situation in Colombia is serious. Here in Colombia, it is true what some say about it being a narco-democracy. I believe there is a narco-state, a narco-economy, but there is also a great hypocrisy in the Colombian political establishment because they sell the story that they are fighting drug trafficking. They go to the United States to ask for support to fight against drug trafficking. And they go to the European Union to ask for support to fight against drug trafficking. They organize forums and seminars about the fight against drug trafficking when they themselves are the drug-traffickers and the beneficiaries of drug trafficking. This is an extreme degree of hypocrisy, no?

Q: How has the demobilization of the paramilitaries affected the FARC?

The demobilization of the paramilitary does not exist, it is a farce. It is the government of Uribe trying to deceive Colombians and the international community. The intention of Uribe is to legitimize paramilitarism and drug trafficking in Colombia. The structures of those criminals continue functioning and, therefore, they continue murdering people. Now they use different names, the “New Self-Defense Forces” or the “Black Eagles,” but they are the same. In many cases, the demobilization involved the drug-traffickers buying common delinquents, paying them a salary to wear a uniform and to appear like paramilitaries. Then a drug-trafficker appears as the commander of those boys to whom he paid a salary so that he is not extradited to the United States and so that Uribe can show that he is making peace with the paramilitaries. It is deception, no? And one they know they cannot maintain because the International Community is not fools, the International Community knows perfectly what is going on and the Colombian population is a witness to it all.

There can never be a peace process among those who have not been at war. There has never been a war between the Colombian State and the paramilitaries, because the paramilitaries are an appendix, an extension of the State. They have been fighting to defend the same State; they never took up arms against the State and for a new regime, or a new system. Their argument has been that the State is so weak that it needs reinforcing and so we are going to help the State.

Now, as it affects us, the FARC? It affects us in that we are the people, the people in arms; it affects us in that it is a great lie, a great deception; it affects us in that Uribe wants to show that the paramilitary groups and we are the same; but in practice it does not affect us. It is the population that it affects, because these types who were supposedly demobilized continue murdering people and disappearing people, they continue conducting their business. But it has all turned against Uribe, because over time it has become clear that his government is a spurious government, that is to say, an illegitimate government, because he became president by buying votes with drug trafficking money. His presidency is a product of electoral fraud. What’s known as the Uribista coalition consists of gentlemen drug-traffickers and paramilitaries. For that reason, the illegitimacy of this government is immense. What is difficult to understand is why other decent governments maintain relations when they know all this about the president.

Q: Some claim that the FARC is nothing more than a criminal organization, that it is not political or ideological. What do you think of these claims?

Reyes: It is a campaign of the war; it is nothing more or less than a form of war. They use it to discredit the revolutionary struggle. This campaign has gained strength from September 11, right? When the twin towers fell in the United States and everyone began talking about terrorism, the Colombian government started calling the FARC and all the revolutionary organizations in Colombia and the world “terrorists.” Then they could liquidate them, intimidate them and force them to renounce the revolutionary struggle. And this has increased war in the world. But the results, in our judgment, have not favored the United States, nor has Mister Bush, whose credibility today been dramatically diminished. The popularity of Mister Bush is not the best at this time, because of the war against Iraq. Álvaro Uribe, to the shame of us Colombians, is the only ruler in our region—South America—that has supported that war. I believe that the American people will take measures to discontinue the wrong policies of their government. Fortunately, one sees some expressions of this now. Some Democrats are beginning to say “No, we are not going to support the deployment of our troops to Iraq, they have to return to United States as soon as possible. We are not going to approve the budget for the war. Neither is we going to approve more money for Plan Colombia without conditions. We are not going to sign an FTA with a government like the one in Colombia, which is a narco-paramilitary government, a corrupt government, a government that has fought an endless war against Colombians.” We don’t think that this is a solution, but is an important step that the FARC values. At least the Democrats are helping some thinking sectors in the United States to understand this phenomenon and to work to dismantle the machinery of war.

Many think that every American, by virtue of being from there, is an imperialist. For this reason the FARC has produced two or three documents indicating that we deeply respect and admire the American people, but we do have deep differences and are affected by the policies of the American State. Before the attack against Marquetalia in 1964, the embassy of the United States was contributing money for the war against the FARC and has always funded Colombian governments so that they can maintain the war against the FARC. And we recall what happened in the dialogues in San Vicente del Caguán with Pastrana. The government of Clinton was the first to oppose the dialogue, and Clinton is the father of Plan Colombia. The world has to know this and we cannot forget it in Colombia because it is part of our history. And what did we see happen with Plan Colombia, a continuation of the strategy of war, not only against Colombians, but against the region. The United States seeks to expand into this region that contains the greatest biodiversity in the world; it’s called the lung of the world. There are geo-strategic interests that the United States intends to achieve through crimes, killings, slander and lies.

Q: Why do you think that members of the Democratic Pole have not been massacred to the same extent that members of the Patriotic Union were?

Reyes: I believe that the massacre that the Colombian State perpetrated against the Patriotic Union, the communists, and important revolutionary and union leaders has been costly for Colombia. Above all, I point to the slaughter of the leadership of the Communist Party. At that time there was a large Communist Party with very well developed, very well formed cadres. It would suffice to recall, among others, presidential candidate Jaime Pardo Leal and Manuel Cepeda Vargas, director of the newspaper VOZ and a senator of the republic. They murdered them all. None of them had ever been involved in guerrilla warfare, never. The ones that were guerrillas, the ones the FARC sent to help with the work of the Patriotic Union, I ordered them to come back once the murders became evident. And they all came, among them Iván Márquez, who today is a member of the Secretariat but at that time, was a representative in the House. The leadership of the Party continued because it was a legal party, but they continued murdering them one by one.

But with the Democratic Pole it is different. The Communist Party is part of the Pole, but it is a reduced Communist Party, a party that maintains the same political line, but has difficulty developing because it is frightened, struck by the orgy of blood that was the genocide against the Patriotic Union. And inside the Pole, there are different sectors. Inside the Pole there is the right, the social democrats and the left—the Colombian Communist Party, the Marxist-Leninist Party and other revolutionary expressions, some Trotskyists, but all too small and without much influence in Colombian political life. The social democrats have the largest presence in the Pole and they are taking advantage by trying to get to the presidency of the republic; to attain important positions inside the government, inside the State. Among these are several demobilized members of the M-19: Navarro, Gustavo Petro and others. Also, there are some who left the Communist Party to join the social democrats and they are proclaimed the “democratic left .” These include Lucho Garzón and Angelino Garzón, among others. These people have accepted the establishment, the State, because they calculate, and it’s a miscalculation, that they will be able to attract the revolutionary left. But it so happens that the revolutionary left cannot be attracted to the social democrats because we are conscious that social democrats end up favoring the right, the bourgeoisie.

In the fight for the New Colombia, “la patria grande” and socialism, we are indicating that any important change in Colombian life such as the search for a lasting and final peace, a peace without hunger, a peace with social justice, a peace with liberties, a peace with dignity and with respect for our sovereignty should include the FARC and the entire revolutionary left. But these social democratic sectors in the Pole want to sell the idea that they can resolve the country’s problems while excluding the left and by doing favors for the right. For that reason we do not see a great difference between the social democrats and the right headed by Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

Within the Pole, the struggle for the revolutionary left—represented by the communists—against the social democrats is very hard, it is very difficult, because the social democrats have the support of the right. And now they are determining who is going to be the new mayor of Bogotá, the successor to Lucho Garzón. And clearly, nobody in the Democratic Pole wants Bogotá’s city hall to return to the hands of the extreme right. But the social democrats, united with the right, want to continue the same programs, the same politics that have been developed under Lucho Garzón and they don’t want anything to do with the revolutionary left, they want to try to exclude it. Therefore, Navarro Wolf and Petro proposed, without the consent, or without a consensus among the leadership of the Democratic Pole, the name of Maria Emma Mejía to be the candidate for mayor of Bogotá. Maria Emma Mejía is a Liberal who became close to the Pole, and finally joined the Pole, but she has never been on the left. What we see here is that, with this political maneuver, Navarro and Petro intend to flatter liberalism with the one hand and Uribismo with the other, while at the same time hurting the revolutionary left inside the Pole.

It so happens that the commitment is not to the people, the commitment is to fight for new possibilities to attain positions inside the government. However, within the Pole, some continue to fight to maintain it a little toward the left. They say that if the Pole cannot be maintained toward the left then later they are not going to be able to differentiate between the Liberal Party and the Pole. But it is going to be a very difficult fight.

I believe that for all these reasons, the Colombian State has not used the force, has not had the disposition to commit the assassinations, that it did in the past. But nevertheless, it should be noted that they do continue murdering people, but they are selective murders of the people that truly are on the left. These people are union leaders, peasant leaders and teachers who are engaged in the struggle on behalf of the people. They murder them and as usual nobody is held responsable because it is terrorism by the State.

Q: Why does the FARC continue to use home-made mortars in attacks against police stations when these weapons repeatedly cause civilian casualties?

Reyes: There are two things here. One thing is the utilization of mortars against the public forces, which is the end for which they are used. The FARC does not have heavy armaments, the FARC as you know has still not been recognized as a belligerent force and cannot obtain the armaments that it should possess as an army. So it develops a lot of homemade armaments to use against the public forces: the police, the army, DAS, navy, and air force. Many times those who operate these apparatuses, the mortars or other weapons, commit errors. They aim at the police station but they strike the neighboring house. That has occurred a few times. It’s lamentable, of course; there is not a single justification for it. But they are human failings, caused by the nervousness of whoever is launching it. Or it is a failure in the structure of the mortar. This is a failure that has occurred and we are trying to correct it so that these mistakes that affect the population won’t happen. But sometimes it is neither of these. For example, there is a battle against a police station and then the air force arrives—airplanes and helicopters—and they shoot and bomb everything including the neighboring houses, the church, all that, and then later they say that the guerrillas were responsible for the destruction.

Q: Some human rights organizations claim that the FARC recruits children, sometimes forcibly. How do you respond to these accusations?

Reyes: I think there is disinformation there, because those who join the FARC are between 15 and 30 years of age that is the norm. Nobody younger than that joins. The FARC never forces anybody to join; it is completely contrary to our safety regulations. Why would I give a weapon to someone that has been forced to join and then tell him he has to be my bodyguard? The guard is going to make me pay right there with that weapon. This is disinformation from these organizations. It never happens. What causes this disinformation? In many cases there are boys and girls that join and then later, for one reason or another, they decide to leave. Life here is very hard, one must be disciplined. Perhaps they had family that they couldn’t see, a son or a daughter, or a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. Or they thought that this struggle would be easy and then they aren’t willing to make the sacrifice so they leave. If they are youths, I’m referring to those less than 20 years of age, then in many cases they are going to say that they were forced to join in order to defend themselves against the repression of the police, and also in many cases of their families.

Then there are cases in which there are those who want to fight in the guerrillas but many times their parents do not want them to join because the father wants to have his son at home and the mother wants her daughter there. They do not want them to join. But they persist and join the guerrillas; they flee from their houses and appear at our guard posts. It so happens that they join the FARC voluntarily. But many times when they leave they lie to their fathers and mothers and say that they were forced to join and the fathers and mothers believe them. And later, if the authorities conduct an investigation, the parents say that their son or daughter was forced to join and then that information is collected by Amnesty International or others. But I reiterate, it is not the policy of the FARC to recruit children or to enlist anybody by force.

Q: Why does the FARC use anti-personnel landmines when they cause civilian casualties?

Reyes: The FARC uses mines against the public forces. The mine fields are used against the public forces, never against the civilian population, never. There are cases when a road is suddenly mined and a civilian might not know they are there and through some carelessness of the guards or himself he fails to avoid it. Sadly, those cases have always occurred. But the norm is that one must try and ensure that there are no civilian casualties.

Q: The Uribe government claims that Plan Patriota is succeeding in defeating the FARC and bringing territory under state control. How has Plan Patriota affected the FARC and peasants in the region?

Reyes: I am in charge of analyzing the consequences of Plan Patriota and the ways it has hurt the revolutionary army of the FARC, as well as the ways it has hurt the civil population, the popular and social organizations, and the unarmed revolutionaries. And we have found that those who have suffered the least are those of us who have taken up arms. While we do not possess the weapons that the State has, much less the aid and the advising that it has received from the United States, but still in the end we are two armed forces, two armies. One army has a lot of power, many men, a lot of technology, air and naval support, and advisors who they say know everything. It has a very clear objective: to liquidate the FARC, to kill or imprison its main leaders, to recover prisoners by force and to force the survivors to sign whatever agreement Uribe wants. That has been, and still is, the objective of Plan Patriota.

But it so happens that it has not achieved its objective, it has failed to get any of the main leaders of the FARC, it has failed to weaken the FARC and it has failed to recover the prisoners of war. On the other hand, however, it has hurt the civil population; by applying the theory that “the friend of my enemy is also my enemy” They have displayed many guerrillas captured in certain regions. However, it so happens that they were not guerrillas, they were people considered to be friends of the guerrillas. I remember one case in Cartagena de Chaira where, according to the press, 80 guerrillas from the 14th Front were captured. But the capture of 80 guerrillas has never occurred, never. But that was the news that was what was fed to the people’s imagination. But it so happens that not one of them was a guerrilla, they were from the population and later they had to free them all because it wasn’t true. However, when they freed them nobody from the army said, “I was mistaken.” One time they said that 200 FARC guerrillas were killed in the Cañon del Duda. It also wasn’t true. But who is going to challenge that?

But truly those who have been affected most are the peasants, the civilian population. Many people have fled, shut their businesses, abandoned their farms because of fear and because in many parts the airplanes drop bombs and shoot their machine guns indiscriminately. And there are others who have been affected, union members and all these sectors, because they say that they are all terrorists, or they are the ones that support the “terrorists” and so is likewise the enemy. Then they arrest them and imprison them. The people are affected by the current government; it is a fascist, dictatorial government that has used war as a form of governance and lies and slander as a form of pressure and to distort what is really happening.

Plan Patriota is a true failure for the government. Even more, it is not only a failure for the Colombian government but also a failure for the government of the United States, because it is the United States who finances Plan Patriota and the United States who supplies the military advisors for the war against us. Uribe and the Colombian army were convinced that with all that money and with all that advising they would be able to finish off the FARC, but it so happens that they have not achieved their objective. The FARC has not been weakened militarily or politically by Plan Patriota.

But Uribe persists in his objective and has large numbers of troops throughout the Colombian territory. There are many troops in the areas containing all our blocs, all our fronts, our columns, our companies, and those troops are on all sides trying to find us in order to annihilate us; there is constant fighting. Among the troops of the State there have been wounded and dead. They are the ones who are risking their lives, it is not Uribe, it is not the Colombian oligarchy, it is not Mister Bush, it is the Colombian people. They are in the police and the army to earn a salary because often they cannot obtain work anywhere else or are unable to go to university. They are defending the interests of the exploiters of Colombia, the interests of the multinationals, the interests of the empire; they defend those interests at the cost of their own lives.

Q: Plan Colombia is now more than six-years-old and the Bush administration intends to continue it for several more years. How has Plan Colombia affected Colombian peasants?

Reyes: The Colombian government, with the backing of the entire political establishment, eradicates, fumigates plantations. And these fumigations are a great business venture in which they receive millions of US dollars, originating from the American people and delivered by the US government. This money is used for fumigations. Those most affected by the fumigations are the peasants, because they do not only destroy the coca plantations, they also destroy food products: bananas, yucca, corn, beans, sesame, potatoes, everything. And besides pets, they affect chickens, pigs and the people. There are cases of children affected by the glyphosate, pregnant women that have miscarried, many illnesses caused by the poisoned environment and water, right? And they still haven’t achieved the desired results in the eradication of illicit crops because the peasants develop new forms of counteracting the effects of that poison on their farms. To quickly counteract it, they grow in other places and the business continues. It continues because there are people who buy the drugs, because of the consumption in the developed world. It is an extremely large consumption with prices that favor, not the peasants, but the drug-traffickers and the intermediaries.

The FARC has a presence in every part of Colombia and knows the situation of the peasants very well. It knows that the peasant does not grow coca or poppies in the mountains because he is a drug-trafficker; no, the Colombian peasant is not a drug-trafficker. The Colombian peasant has had to resort to growing these products because of the predatory effects of the neoliberal model. Because it is better business to import corn from the United States or another country, or to bring cattle meat from Argentina, than to produce them in Colombia. Already it is better for business to import coffee from Vietnam than to produce it in Colombia because there are no subsidies. Then the peasant has to find another way to subsist, and so he grows coca.

For that reason the FARC’s proposal, from the dialogues in San Vicente del Caguán, calls for the replacement of coca cultivations, seeking a solution that will put an end to the phenomenon of drug trafficking because the FARC considers it a cancer for society, for humanity, that one must fight. We offered to make the municipality of Cartagena de Chaira a municipal pilot, that is to say, we wanted to show in that municipality that it is possible to fight the phenomenon of the production of the commodities of cocaine. Likewise, we put forth the proposal calling for the legalization of consumption. I believe that this issue badly affects all of us Colombians and it is not solely the responsibility of Colombians; it is the responsibility of the consuming countries, the responsibility of the bad governments that we have had in Colombia, the responsibility of the poor policies of the International Monetary Fund and of the banking sector, the responsibility of the countries that produce the chemical precursors, that is to say, in short, the responsibility of the misconceptions of the neoliberal model. It has drastically affected Colombia. The neoliberal model has also affected the developed countries, like the Europeans, with many people in the streets begging for charity, children cleaning car windshields, but in underdeveloped countries like Colombia, or other countries in what is called the Third World, it is much worse.

Q: How is it possible to change the neoliberal policies implemented by President Uribe and previous governments in Colombia?

Reyes: For the FARC the only way to change the neoliberal model and the policies of previous governments and of the current one is by taking power. It must begin with the formation of a new democratic, patriotic, diverse government of national reconciliation, which seeks to change the course of the country in a way in which it is truly the people, with their leaders, who build the future. Without this it will be impossible because Colombia has endured 50 years of war during which each of the governments did the same thing, even before the neoliberal model appeared and they applied the prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. And then the neoliberal model appeared and they became wedded to neoliberal policies. This was before Uribe, it was those who preceded him in the presidency. Then they developed the terrorist state and this has increased the problems.

So we think that to truly achieve change, and the ones demanding this are the majority of the Colombian people, what is needed is to form a completely different government to that of Uribe and the previous governments. That is to say, a government that is committed to deep changes and that opens spaces of democracy in order to be able to build the New Colombia. A new Colombia where people would not be exploited and, of course, there would be no exploiters. But to achieve this is a task for titans, because Colombia has a mafia class and a corrupt murderous ruler. And as long as they continue controlling the destiny of our country it is going to be very difficult for the people to become controllers of their own destinies. This is the reason that the FARC continues its revolutionary struggle.

We spoke in a previous question about how they assassinated the Patriotic Union and they assassinated the communists, and how this closed spaces for the legal struggle. And we noted that they continue to murder popular leaders and continue to carry out some selective assassinations. We think this validates the revolutionary armed struggle, whose end is not war. The end of the revolutionary struggle being waged by the FARC is peace. For us, peace is the fundamental thing. We understand that peace is the solution to the problems that affect our people. We understand that peace means that in Colombia we have a true democracy. Not a democracy for the capitalists, but a democracy for the people, who can protest, who can participate, who have the right to live, who have the right to healthcare, to education, who have the right to communication, to electricity, to agrarian reforms, to fight corruption, to not have to kneel before foreign powers, but to be a country free, independent and sovereign with respectful relations with all countries on equal terms. Also, that the weapons of the army not be not used against the people, but just for the defense of our sovereignty and nothing more. To achieve that objective is why we are here in this jungle. And in search of that objective we are willing to continue for as long as is necessary.

And our proposal for a “prisoner exchange,” which cannot be modified to the favor of Mister Uribe, is issued with the desire to solve one of the by-products of the conflict. Colombia suffers an armed, social, political, and economic conflict that no government has wanted to resolve. Therefore, we say, the signing of an agreement to liberate prisoners on both sides could also be the door to the beginning of a new dialogue to work towards achieving peace. As I already said, the FARC seeks peace, but not a peace that comes from surrender, nor a peace that accommodates the leaders of the organization and certain friends, but a peace for the people. It must be a peace that protects the life and the dignity of our population.

Q: What needs to be done in order to achieve a just peace in Colombia and greater equality between the rich and poor?

Reyes: To achieve that objective there needs to be a change in attitude. The ruling class must understand that the best business is peace. That peace is a business and that business requires an investment, because the large amount of wealth that exists in Colombia, which results from the labor of the people, could generate much more wealth if there was peace. But since there is a war by the State against the people, they invest in the war and not for the benefit of the population, therefore Colombians are getting poorer. The gap between the rich and the poor grows and popular discontent grows and so does repression against those who dare to express their discontent through legal means. Often they are murdered, forced into exile, displaced by threats, or their goods are expropriated, then the number of guerrilla’s increases and the armed struggle grows. In the case of the FARC, it is a political-military struggle. Uribe Vélez claims that there is no internal conflict in Colombia. That is the first great lie that he tells to Colombia and to the world and according to that great lie there is nothing to resolve here. But there is a confrontation here in which people are constantly being killed, and for which he himself is asking for aid from all sides in exchange for mortgaging the sovereignty and the dignity of the Colombian people. And so one must ask, “If there is no internal conflict then why demand aid?” It is completely contradictory.

The attitude of the ruling class must be to declare, “From now on the best business for us is peace. And as the business for us is peace then we are going to invest in it. We are going to return part of what we have taken from poor Colombians and invest it in peace.” But I do not believe that the ruling class will arrive at such a decision easily because the essence of capitalism is something different: it is to obtain greater profits at the cost of the sacrifice of the population. For this reason, we are motivated to wage the revolutionary struggle. We are motivated to support actions by the popular masses, protests by the unions, by organizations, and likewise guerrilla actions. And this is what we call “the combination of all forms of struggle,” because the FARC is a revolutionary army and it does not only engage in the armed struggle. The FARC is characterized as a political-military organization. Its leadership is a political cell. All of the FARC is a political cell. Therefore, its work involves the formation of guerrillas who are strong both politically and ideologically so that they understand it is a fight for the structural changes that the country requires and not for the benefit of certain people. And so that they understand that this fight requires making sacrifices including leaving one’s family to be in the jungle and exposed 24 hours a day to attacks by the enemy. We feel that with this sacrifice we are contributing to the revolutionary struggle of Colombia and other peoples of the world.

Q: What is the FARC’s vision for Colombia?

Reyes: When we speak of the New Colombia we are speaking of a Colombia in which there are neither exploiters nor exploited; of a Colombia without social, economic or political inequalities; of a Colombia without corruption; with neither paramilitarism or state terrorism; of a Colombia with industrial development; of a worthy Colombia, independent and sovereign; a Colombia where resources are invested in scientific research and technological development; a Colombia where the environment is protected; a Colombia whose wealth is used for the benefit of the population; a Colombia that does not continue privatizing, that does not continue selling the businesses of the State but instead uses these businesses to benefit social programs; a Colombia with agrarian reform, not an agrarian reform that delivers land to the people and keeps them hungry, but an agrarian reform with technical assistance; an agrarian reform that includes infrastructure for the peasants and that makes it possible for their children to study; an agrarian reform in which a market and the purchase of their products is guaranteed; an agrarian reform in which they can obtain affordable credits from the State; a Colombia with employment; a Colombia with subsidies for the unemployed; a Colombia that guarantees education, healthcare, homes and all that.

That it is the Colombia that we dream of and that we call the New Colombia, directed by a new State, by a new democratic, patriotic and diverse government, which does not exclude any part of the population. And that everyone that is interested in contributing to that new government can do so, even if he is a businessman. If he is going to pay some taxes and he is not going to exploit the workers and he is going to pay them according to the law, then it is not a problem that he earns profits. As long as he pays taxes and complies with the norms of the law not to exploit the population. Because the large businesses cannot be allowed to earn profits by paying starvation wages and evading taxes.

Rotinda (Lexin Gerilla) – A music video on the PKK ( Kurdistan Workers Party )

August 2, 2007

Rotinda (Lexin Gerilla)

Link to video

I must say I found the soundtrack quite catchy though I can’t understand
a word of it.

The PKK’s ideology is founded on revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and Kurdish nationalism.The PKK’s goal has been to create an independent socialist Kurdish state in a territory which it claims as Kurdistan, an area that comprises parts of south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Iraq, north-eastern Syria and north-western Iran.
The PKK teach a Maoist philosophy to their recruits and, uniquely among Middle Eastern people, the women study, live and fight along with the men.

Know more about the PKK( Kurdistan Workers Party )

CPI(Maoist)Karnataka State Committee regarding killing of PSI Venkatesh near thallurangadi of Agumbe

August 2, 2007

Source : Recieved via email

Respectable editors and representatives of the media struggle greetings to you.
We are sending this press release regarding killing of PSI Venkatesh near by thallurangadi of AgumbE, massacre of struggling peasants of Mudigonda of Andhra Pradesh and politics of judgements. .
Appealing to publish this with consideration.
Yours in struggle
For the state committee
CPI (maoist)
1-08-07 karnataka
There was no encounter took place between police and our PLGA squad near thallurangadi of Agumbe in which PSI Venkatesh got killed. We got this clarification from our squad there .Because of some communication problem this fact reached us lately. Already people and media exposed the police concocted story of encounter, in which PSI venkatesh killed, for covering up their crimes. On that our PLGA squad was not in that area itself.
Government and criminal police officers must take the responsibility of killing PSI Venkatesh.

We are appealing all constables and the personnel of lower level anti naxalite force to think over about killing our most socially committed comrades and people for the sake of cruel bloodsucking exploiters and enemies of common and democratic people. They must think seriously about worthiness and justice in serving the exploiters anti socials at the cost of injustice, being bearing with the exploitation, insult and their life itself. Most of them are all sons of peasants and workers, I.e. toiling masses. It is their duty to serve the interest of their class I.e. vast toiling peasants and workers; they have to think it seriously.

We are not against them, clarifying once again, but when they are coming with guns to kill us, obstructing to organize people for their cause, it definitely pushes us to retaliate and to counter attack as it becomes inevitable for us. As we are committed for poor, common and democratic people with iron discipline, we never surrender people’s interests at any cost. We are having tradition of great sacrifices and vigorous fighting that made us steal and mending us correctly in the path of new democratic revolution of India.

Ruling class is employing you for maintaining their violent exploitation and political control over the people. You are giving protection for them and their crimes on society, serving for the sake of the few, at the cost of the poor, common and democratic people.

We are requesting humbly to stop attacking poor, common, and democratic people and our comrades on directives of your superior officers, it will harm you and it spoils your life. Stop serving ruling class and protecting them. Support people and their cause and just struggles.

We strongly condemn police massacring of struggling peasants of Mudigonda of Andhra Pradesh by fascist Rajashekar reddy’s congress government. People are waging just struggle for only a part of their rightful lands, for that ruling class fascist agent rajashekara reddy government indulged in ruthless violence on people by murdering 8 and seriously wounding several, indiscriminate lathicharge, vulgar abuse even on women. What this shows? Is this a democracy? Is this justful ruling system? Can we expect any punishment for these fascist culprits? Is this ruling system following rules or constitution of India?

We are supporting people’s struggle and their just demands and Rajashekara reddy government should be punished and also the police officers concerned.
Now few judgments on important cases are coming almost simultaneously. There is much publicity over it, as a symbol of justice prevailing in our country. But reality is not so. For completion of this drama of legal system, it took tens of years, in between this several innocents were killed and put in prison and made them to rotten for several years without any chance of bail. Few were died in the prison.

Now few were acquitted only after the completion of unjust punishment. They were punished for crimes of others i.e. communal fascists and ruling fascists. Several of such common innocent people were becoming scapegoats of this unjust and pro establishment legal system in the daily way. Then what remains in acquitting? Is only for certificate of clean chit? Then even such a costly it is.At the same time judgement giving justice himself showing unjust concern to the vip culprit, actor Sanjayadutt, while delivering judgement. Few media is focussing his eats drinks sleeps etc with much concern and hype, as if it is unjust to punish vip culprits.Any how already the very same legal system allowed him to been in outside the prison while others having less crime and sevaral innocents been thrown and rottened in prison.Their protest over it not sounded to the ruling class and courts. Now also, he is having the privilege of coming outside,that chance was there.As hundreds of crores capital is backing him and he is a vip.

These are all damage controlling exercises of ruling class, as people are lost all faith in the legal and administrative system. All over India people are coming out aggressively against the legal and administrative system and political parties. Even so called left parties are also exposed as most efficient imperialist and ruling class agents in several examples, in that westbengal’s nandigram is glaring one. This illusory confidence building exercise is needed to convince revolting people against SEZs,SAZs, giving away of peasants and retailers market to imperialist companies by opening it to them, big dams,big minings, forest projects, etc, by showing that there is scope for getting justice peacefully in this social system.
Election oriented schemes are also working behind this legal drama of punishment and acquittal .Center’s UPA and it’s partner state governments are taking all chances of gain from this.

With revolutionary greetings
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)
1/08/07 Karnataka