New Grey- Hyena units for security in Andhra Pradesh

There is no doubt that the ruling
classes are stepping up repression
in Andhra Pradesh , as many of you may know the grey hyena’s
are a lawless band of psychopathic criminals who are carefully
screeened and chosen for their ruthlessness and willingness to
murder in cold blood.

New Grey- Hyena units for security in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad: Three Grey hyena units will be set up soon one each at Kurnool, Visakhapatnam and Kadapa to increase the pressure on the naxalite groups and chase them without any time lag in the affected areas.

The State Cabinet ratified the GO issued in this regard earlier. Visakhapatnam unit is already functioning on an adhoc basis.Land acquisition is on in Kadapa and Kurnool districts for setting up the units there.

Each unit will have about 1,100 personnel of whom about 700 will be `field personnel’/. Recruitment process will commence soon and each unit will be headed by the rank of superintendent of police.

Besides the field personnel, each unit will have communication experts, dog squads, explosive experts and other support staff.


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