3217 found eligible for tribal battalion

The Indian ruling classes have come up with a dangerous
strategy of pitting brother tribal against naxalite tribal.
This way they hope that the tribals will finish off each other
and then the outsiders will descend to scavenge on the
tribal resources.
India is surely headed for civil war if the ruling classes
pursue this strategy of engaging the revolutionary maoists.

3217 found eligible for tribal battalion
Monday December 18 2006 09:40 IST

KHAMMAM: Stage has been set for launching the 15th APSP tribal battalion in Gangaram village of Sattupalli mandal, thus giving a new thrust to the government�s anti-Naxal operations in the Agency area.

The final selection for recruitment would take place between December 18 to 22. While as many as 22,000 tribal youths from the nine ITDA areas in the state have applied for constable posts in the battalion, Khammam area alone has the largest number of 3500 applicants.

Out of the total applicants, 3217 have already been declared as eligible. So far, 700 candidates have participated in pre-training programme being conducted separately by ITDA and SETCOM.

The government is adopting a three-pronged strategy in recruiting the tribals. Accordingly, 820 tribal youths out of the 3217 eligible candidates will be selected as APSP constables for the 15th battalion.

Some youths from among the remaining eligible lot will be appointed as security guards in corporate companies, for which MoUs had already been signed by the concerned ITDAs with the latter.



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