Singur Farmer commits suicide

Singur farmer commits suicide after government forcibily acquired his land
From our Correspondent

Singur, Mar 13: A farmer, who committed suicide yesterday after he lost his land to the proposed site for building of the TATA car project in Singur, cremated here today.

62-year-old Haradhan Bag who was suffering from acute depression was a resident of Beraberi Purbapara village.

“About one acre of our farmland comes under the land allotted to the TATA car plant. We are completely dependent on our land. My father even went on a hunger strike for six to seven days. But for quite sometime he was feeling lost and dejected. The other day he broke down talking to me, saying we might not get back our farmland and afterwards he consumed poison,” said Joydeb Bag, his son.

Tata Motors started to build its factory in Singur in January to make what the company claims will be the world’s cheapest car for 100,000 rupees.

But the project, which has become a test case for the Communists, has been mired in trouble with some farmers who say the government took their land against their will. The government claims that it has compensated most of the farmers.


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