Kundapur: Suspected Naxal Woman Sent to Mangalore Prison

Kundapur: Suspected Naxal Woman Sent to Mangalore Prison

Kundapur, Mar 16: Chennamma, a suspected Naxalite who was arrested near Amavasebailu near here on Sunday March 11 has now been sent to Mangalore women’s prison after producing her in the court on Thursday March 15.

Chennama alias Suma has now been remanded to judicial custody upto Wednesday March 28. She was produced in the court after initial investigation in the police custody. As per the details provided by her during the investigation her first nexus with Naxalites was some 3 years ago when she met Naxal leader Neelaguli Padmanabh when she was active in the Thungabhadra protests. She has studied only upto class 3.

Neelaguli in the later days managed to establish rapport with the parent of Chennamma. Being a good singer she lent her voice to several revolutionary songs penned by him. She was taken to Chikamagalur subsequently and from there she was sent to Amavasebailu along with comrade Mahesh.

During her stay in the Varahi Group of Naxals which is primarily operating in Amavasebailu and surrounding areas she learnt various skills such as using guns, mountaineering etc. She was also the part of the Naxal group which was indulged in a shoot-out with police sometime ago.


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