Nepal: CPN(Maoist) March 8th Rally at Pokhara

Neil recently visited Nepal and was there at the rally of the CPN(Maoist) held on the 8th of March at Pokhara.

Below is his post on the topic

When I told my classes I was taking a day off to go to Prachanda’s speech on March 8th. They asked “Why? You can’t understand what he says.” I didn’t really have an answer, other than it would be pretty silly to call myself a Maoist expert and not go. Needless to say, I now feel justified in attending. Much has been made about some of Prachanda’s controversial statements, but I haven’t seen much else covered. For those who want to know what actually happens at these events, the following is my account of the day.

Rest of the post

Some Pictures from the event.

Com Baburam Bhattarai

baburam bhattarai

baburam nepal

Com Prachanda


Pushpa Kamal dahal

The Crowd

maoist rally nepal

maoist crowd cpn(maoist)

Display of skills

maritial art display


4 Responses to “Nepal: CPN(Maoist) March 8th Rally at Pokhara”

  1. Neil Says:

    Hey, have you Naxalites ever heard of asking permission?

  2. Neil Says:

    Hey, have you Naxalites ever heard of asking permission?

    • Anonymous Says:

      neil i had been in Nepal for 14yrs nd i can say that i had seen it breeding esp…in terai region.i had never found maoist asking 4 smthng.they always took what they desired without seeking any permission..infact they destroyed peace harmony terai belt nd compelled many people to flee 4m that only created gulf…what i had seen that during monarchy there was no existence of class or the chasm was very less….bt at the end of struggle there was substantive rise in class……….two section automatically grew one supporter nd other criticiser..the later one lost every thing nd earlier received everything underlinning latter wih threat.ankit.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the naxalism or so called maoism had left nothing in has completely destroyed the original fabric/ideology of naxalism.from maobad it turned to khaobaad.classes become more significant as maoist led to creation of class particularly in context of nepal.

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