Orissa Chor Police

One of the main reasons why Maoists have been welcomed
with open arms by the orissa public is because of the good
work they do.

It is a well known fact that if the orissa police has X amount of
support then the Maoists usually enjoy 100X amount of support.

The views expressed in the post below are that of the author alone.

Orissa Chor Police

Things are looking pretty gloomy for the Orissa Police Department these days. A sub-inspector’s car was burnt by an angry mob when he was caught accepting bribes. The vigilance department caught him red handed after being approached by a beauty parlour owner who did not want to shell out the traditional hafta (protection money). The mob first demanded that the arrested cop should be paraded around the streets with his hands tied, since their demands were not met they burnt the corrupt police officer’s car (it was a private car according to news reports). The mob’s action can best be explained by the repressed anger and resentment they feel towards the police force.

Public’s perception of Maoists in Orissa

Public’s perception of Orissa Police Force

A lot of people refer to the police as Matia Kukura (literally meaning Muddy colored Dog, and dog taken in the Oriya/Indian cultural context is an offensive term.
Unlike the term “Dawg” used by Larry and his associates to signal a sense of camaraderie). The hostility towards the police force is definitely justified because the police force routinely uses their overwhelming power to harass honest citizens, acts like POTA only increase the scope for abuse.

Reacting to the very bad PR image of the police the Director General of Police called for a meeting, where he asked the officers to behave in a proper manner.



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