Bhagat Singh on the slogan of ‘Long Live Revolution’

From Bhagat Singh

On the slogan of ‘Long Live Revolution’

[Shri Ramanand Chatterji the editor of Modern Review, ridiculed the slogan of ‘Long Live Revolution’ through an editorial note and gave an entirely wrong interpretation. Bhagat Singh wrote a reply and handed it over to the trying magistrate to be sent to Modern Review. This was published in The Tribune of December 24, 1929.]


The Editor, Modern Review

You have in the December (1929) issue of your esteemed magazine, written a note under the caption “Long Live Revolution” and have pointed out the meaninglessness of this phrase. It would be impertinent on our part to try to refute or contradict the statement of such an old, experienced and renowned journalist as your noble self, for whom every enlightened Indian has profound admiration. Still we feel it our duty to explain what we desire to convey by the said phrase, as in a way it fell to our lot to give these “cries” a publicity in this country at this stage.

We are not the originators of this cry. The same cry had been used in Russain revolutionary movement. Upton Sinclair, the well known socialist writer, has, in his recent novels Boston and Oil, used this cry through some of the anarchist revolutionary characters. The phrase never means that the sanguinary strife should ever continue, or that nothing should ever be stationary even for a short while. By long usage this cry achieves a significicance which may not be quite justifiable from the grammatical or the etymological point of view, but nevertheless we cannot abstract from that the association of ideas connected with that.

All such shouts denote a general sense which is partly acquired and partly inherent in them. For instance, when we shout “Long Live Jatin Das”, we cannot and do not mean thereby that Das should Physically be alive. What we mean by that shout is that the noble ideal of his life, the indomitable spirit which enabled that great martyr to bear such untold suffering and to make the extreme sacrifice for that we may show the same unfailing courage in persuance of our ideal. It is that spirit that we allude to.

Simiarly, one should not interpret the word “Revolution” in its literal sense. Various meanings and significances are attributed to this word, according to the interests of those who use or misuse it. For the established agencies of exploitation it conjures up a feeling of blood stained horror. To the revolutionaries it is a sacred phrase. We tried to clear in our statement before the Session Judge, Delhi , in our trial in the Assembly Bomb Case, what we mean by the word “Revolution”.

We stated therein that Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol. They may sometimes be mere means for its achievement. No doubt they play a prominent part in some movements, but they do not – for that very reason -become one and the same thing. A rebellion is not a revolution. It may ultimately lead to that end.

The sense in which the word Revolution is used in that phrase, is the spirit, the longing for a change for the better. The people generally get accustomed to the established order of things and begin to tremble at the very idea of a change. It is this lethargical spirit that needs be replaced by the revolutionary spirit. Otherwise degeneration gains the upper hand and the whole humanity is led stray by the reactionary forces. Such a state of affiars leads to stagnation and paralysis in human progress. The spirit of Revolution should always permeate the soul of humanity, so that the reactionary forces may not accumulate (strength) to check its eternal onward march. Old order should change, always and ever, yielding place to new, so that one “good” order may not corrupt the world. It is in this sense that we raise the shout “Long Live Revolution.”

Yours sincerely

Bhagat Singh

B. K. Dutt

Source: CPI(M-L)KS


32 Responses to “Bhagat Singh on the slogan of ‘Long Live Revolution’”

  1. prasahanth Says:

    hi,im a student of B.Sc, n im very keen to know what is the revolution led by these un aimed revolutionary people(naxal’s) these guy’s r makin a slaughter but not a revolution.yes i know our country need a revolution its not worth good 2 kill innocent people inthe sence these guy’s have commited no mistake but still u r aimin on them.
    lastely,i have gone through life n writings of che(ernesto che guvera),george jackson(“blood in my eye’s”),feidel castro’s(history will absolve me) and many more and i have came 2 a conclusion that
    “revolution is a war against his own people in his own land,it is 2 bring systematism in unsystematic system,n more imp it should protect faith of the people abt revolution”.

  2. Nandit Pathak Says:

    It is sad to see that a document as great as this is followed by an advertisement promoting Mr. Lal Krishna Advani as a Prime Ministerial candidate. Among innumerable other reasons why he doesn’t deserve this place, the most important one is that he has quoted Bhagat Singh to be a terrorist in his autobiography.

  3. ravikiran.....kiran Says:

    hi tis is kiran…..i dnt have words to say, but he is a man of excelliens……

  4. harsh Says:

    bhagat singh was a hero

  5. JOBAN Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. neha Says:

    bhaghat singh is a real freedom fighter

  8. rauf shareef Says:

    i am the role model of bagat singh ikullab sindabaddddddddddddd

    • K D Singh Says:

      Buddy, let me correct. Please let you not, misspell the name of REAL HERO. His full name is BHAGAT SINGH SANDHU. Hats off to this HERO.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    bhagath singh is the true hero along with many freedom fighters but he is the one who not only taught but shown to indians and british in true sense what is freedom …………..

  10. naresh Says:

    if bhagath singh would have been alive india would have been no1with good rule in true spirit of nation

  11. bijal Rathod Says:

    inkallab zindabad,long live revolution.

  12. pradeep bhardwaj Says:

    hi, I am pradeep bhardwaj.
    mereko bahut dukh hota hai jab hamare desh ke saputoo ke name ko or unki family walo ko koi bhi ahmeyat nahi de jati.
    kya kar sakte hai hamare desh ke neta logo ka hi pet nahi bharta to wo hamare desh ke saputoo or unki family waloo ko kya ahmeyat denge.
    agar mera baas chale to mein sabse pahle sabhi netaon ko jinka bahar ke deshoo ke banko mein kala dhan jama hai usko apne desh ke rbi mein mangwaya jay.
    hamre desh dk yva soya huaa hai usko jagane ke leye kuch kro kyonki ajj ka yva kewal apne mein hi laga rahta hai.

  13. sushil a. shirke Says:

    india needs one more bhagatsingh and not anna hazare
    bahero ko dhamake ki zarurat hai upvas ki nahi

  14. Aparna(apps) Says:

    India not only needs BHAGAT SINGH but also the others like MAHATMA GANDHI to let the country on line again………………………

  15. Anonymous Says:

    fuck mahatma gandhi, that looser did not do anthing for india. he was an impotent, ass-licker of the british.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    my hero is NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE ..not gandhi iam olso convinced he is chor

    • Anonymous Says:

      i agree my friend. i respect and admire what netaji and bhagat singh
      did for india. fuck mahatma gaandu

  17. Famous Quotes by Bhagat Singh « WorthvieW Says:

    […] Letter published in The Tribune (25 December 1929) […]

  18. mahipal berwal Says:

    Bhagat singh is real hero,

    The photo of bhagat singh instead of Gandhi will In the indian currencee .

  19. Obat Kuat Says:

    Obat Kuat…

    […]Bhagat Singh on the slogan of ‘Long Live Revolution’ « Naxal Revolution[…]…

  20. Vinod Kumar Pandey Says:

    India needs the same type of revolution as done by Bhagat singh because in this time also Govt did not hear any problem of poors and needy…………so i appeal to all youts of my nation to come forward and think to develop the one gr8 nation of world by changing yourself by studying the literatures of great revolutionist like bhagat singh………………………..jai hind and jai bharat……………

  21. vinod pandey Says:

    Dear Friends
    We should implement the ideas of Bhagat singh in our Life to reform the gr8 India……………think about the thoughts of gr8 revolutionist and implement in your life for gr8 change……………………change yourself change the nation……………………jai hind jai bharat………………………..

  22. Balihar Sandhu Says:

    Dear Friends,
    Someone wrote that Bhagat Singh’s name is Bhagat Singh Sandhu……I do not agree with that statement as I have read so many books about Bhagat Singh and haven’t read in any book thgat his surname was Sandhu….So if there is any proof then provide it or do not mislead others,,,,
    Secondly Bhagat Singh is our Hero not only for his sacrifice, but for his thoughts…..Red Salute to him

    • Anonymous Says:

      Bhagath Singh is one of the role model of my life. He is very …………….. So no more word to explain jai bhagath jai hind..friend’s we are celebrate birthday of bhagath singh on 28/9 the name of”young India” R U like this comment reply to all bhagath Singh fans .. Yogi bhagath(yogi shaiva from mysore)

  23. vijay solanki Says:

    I want to know that where we used the slogan {long live revolution} ..when when ?

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