Maoist Attack in Sitamarhi; Bank Looted

Maoist Attack in Sitamarhi; Bank Looted

Patna: Mar. 31, 2007

Over 500 heavily armed Maoist terrorists in the small town of Riga in Sitamarhi district on Saturday afternoon seized a bank and opened hundreds of rounds of fire on a police station killing one Special Auxiliary Police (SAP) jawan while getting away with an undisclosed amount of money.

As reported, hundreds of Naxalites including many women, arrived at Riga in trucks and tractors and after seizing the banks at gun points, shot the assistant manager of a Central Bank of India branch before plundering the entire place.

More than a thousand rounds were fired between the n and the naxalites and police but that gave enough opportunity to the criminals to rob the bank and escape with several lakh rupees.

While escaping, the Maoists also blew up a small bridge in Maniari, reports said.

Patna Daily


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