Communist rebels killed in clashes in Isabela, Camarines

Communist rebels killed in clashes in Isabela, Camarines

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 01:02 PM

MANILA (AFP) – Government forces in the Philippines have killed five Maoist guerrillas in clashes that also wounded one soldier, the military said Tuesday.

Fighting between an infantry patrol and the rebel New People’s Army (NPA) near the northern town of San Mariano on Monday killed three rebels and wounded one soldier, said the army division commander, Major-General Rodrigo Maclang.

The troops recovered a rifle, hand grenades and high explosives from the scene, he said.

On the same day, two NPA rebels were slain in a firefight with another infantry unit near the town of Calabanga southeast of Manila, said regional military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Rhoderic Parayno.

No government casualties were reported.

The 7,000-strong NPA has been waging a Maoist rebellion since 1969 in one of Asia’s longest-running communist insurgencies.


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