Rotinda (Lexin Gerilla) – A music video on the PKK ( Kurdistan Workers Party )

Rotinda (Lexin Gerilla)

Link to video

I must say I found the soundtrack quite catchy though I can’t understand
a word of it.

The PKK’s ideology is founded on revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and Kurdish nationalism.The PKK’s goal has been to create an independent socialist Kurdish state in a territory which it claims as Kurdistan, an area that comprises parts of south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Iraq, north-eastern Syria and north-western Iran.
The PKK teach a Maoist philosophy to their recruits and, uniquely among Middle Eastern people, the women study, live and fight along with the men.

Know more about the PKK( Kurdistan Workers Party )


6 Responses to “Rotinda (Lexin Gerilla) – A music video on the PKK ( Kurdistan Workers Party )”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi, first of all i want to celibrate you, because of your blog. I am living in Turkey-Nourt Kurdistan and trying to follow the international movement, especially the maoist movements. so, ı can find news of Indian maoist movement on your site.
    after this thaks i want to corret a mistake on your site. you have given an music “Lexin Gerilla”. and you have been characterized the PKK (Kurdistun Workers Party as Marxist-Leninist revoluationary. but it is whole wrong. PKK has changed it ideological line about 10 years ago. now it is whole struggling for national bazaar as all other national movemetnt. and they have give up marksist-leninist program, and take out the hammer-sickle from their flag. an of course it isn’t maoist more than this it refuses the Marxism, leninism, maoism (MLM). their leader Öcalan who has been arrested for a long time, is telling that MLM has gone bankrupt! PKK is trying to make peace with the turkish goverment, giving up guns, living in the same sistem, and it only wants to be a legal politikal party. it is fighting against the turkey goverment just becaus of this anda ofcourse becaus of rletaionship with emperyalism. ı hope that you will make corret the information on your site.

    With revoluatinary, lal slam from Turkey-Nourt Kurdistan. Maoism will won, we will won, people will won, people’s war will won!

  2. Abhay Says:

    Comrade Thank you for the information and clarifications… I think I should research the party more in detail and will post more about the latest developments in the party in the coming days..

  3. Abhay Says:

    I tried to find information about the PKK but most of it is the turkish press shouting terrorist ! and lot of contradicting news reports which talk about everything from CIA support to splits and killings within the party….. I would appreciate if you could suggest a few websites in english about PKK which provide a neutral honest opinion..

  4. A.M Says:

    This is a great Clip, it makes the blood of every Kurd around the world come and fight the Turks that have oppressed the poor and helpless Kurds.

    May God Bless the fighters

  5. Maksuti Says:

    The truth is that you are killing your own fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, even your own children just because you believe in rassism and fascism. You are misguided and exploited by leaders teaching you hate and terror, teaching you how to kill and bomb.
    FYI, I am not a Turk, but an Albanian born in Turkey. And I have no problems saying that I am a Turk of Albanian origin.
    Why do you have this problem? Why cannot you say, that you are a Turk with Kurdish origin, if you live in Turkey? Why do you want to divide this country? You are eating the bread of this country, drinking his water, breathing his air but you cannot say, you are a citizen of this country?
    Why are you so hateful?

  6. Anonymous Says:


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