Uppercaste landlords training Militia to take on Revolutionaries in Malnad Region

Landlords ard ruling class elite have started funding and training
a private militia on the lines of the Notorious Ranvir Sena in
Malnad region of Karnataka.

The cream of criminals in that region are being hired
and trained to unleash a reign of terror on the struggling
people of malnad

Vishwa Hindu Sena training criminals to take on Naxalite Revolutionaries

Mangalore, Jul 23: Home minister is responsible for the Naxalite menace, alleged Pramod Mutalik, president of Vishwa Hindu Sene on Sunday Jul 22.

He alleged that by withdrawing the list of 32 Naxal supporters he behaved irresponsibly and hence is the chief cause of the Naxal encounter recently.

“Ranavira Sene battalion composed mainly of criminals which is operating in Bihar against the problem of the Naxalism has been supported by the Sene, and in Malnad (Western Ghats of Karnataka) similar team is getting prepared in association with the Rama Sene,” he added.
The team has not named the few retired police officials sympatetic to the RSS who have extended their support to the team, he opined.

While replying to the queries raised by media persons, he said that although the ideals and goals are right, the way they go ahead is not right, he concluded.

Prasad Attavara, convener of Shri Rama Sene and Kumar Palemar were present in the press conference.



3 Responses to “Uppercaste landlords training Militia to take on Revolutionaries in Malnad Region”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bull shit naxalism – you guys are as corrupt as the ones ruling or worse.

  2. Anonymours Says:

    You have to do something to stop Price Rise.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    To reduce the price rise in Karnataka you have to Kidnap a Congress MLA like how Veerappan had kidnapped Dr Raj kumar and you have to Black Mail the Government to reduce Power rates,Milk rates, Bus rates and Bus Pass rates in large margin.

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