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Mirror Website

July 2, 2010

This website is the mirror website of

The government of India has previously tried to block
blogs in India and hence this blog has been setup to
serve as a backup and mirror site which could be
accessed in case the government re imposes the ban.

This blog is update at regular intervals.

But for the latest updates please visit


Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

August 6, 2007

Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

An inquiry by a two member commission that we ordered to look into the
hacking of is over.

While there is no proof to implicate the Intelligence bureau, they continue
to remain the primary suspects.

It must be noted that the hacking of resistanceindia was not out of
some brilliance on part of hackers but carelessness on the part of blog admin.

This latest attempt to subvert the growing voice of revolutionary bloggers is
nothing more than an indication of the desperation of certain elements.

The account was hacked by creating a dummy login page that looked
like a gmail account page.Hence we advise users to always type in
the web address of the service
than logging in by clicking on links.

IMPORTANT : Now that they have control of resistanceindia it is possible
that they are monitoring all visitors to that blog. Hence we recommend
users not to visit it and all those who have linked up
the blog to remove the links from their website.

Also do not email or respond to emails
received from the same email address.

It is also possible that they are now scanning all emails sent and received
from that id for whatever it is that they are looking for.

In our Disclaimer .. we have put that

This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and
if you find any content objectionable or offensive please get
in touch with us through email or leave a comment towards the
end of this post

So what this means is that if you have any objections to our blog
then please make them clear to us and give us reasons to
back them up.

Preferably in a written letter under the official letterhead
complete with seal and signature.

We assure you we will respond positively.


For Team Naxalrevolution

Resistance India hacked ?

August 3, 2007

Comrade Bimal who used to post on resistanceindia has informed
me that his account has got hacked yesterday..

It is still not clear if his blog can be retrieved

If anybody mails you from the hacked gmail account claiming to be
bimal please do not respond….

We are conducting a thorough inquiry into how this has happened
and will post an update soon…


For Team Naxalrevolution

Calling for Volunteers

August 3, 2007

If any comrades/friends who have corresponded with me earlier
are interested in helping me manage this website …
Please email me …

We can discuss ways in which you could help in the management of
this website , as it has become a little too big for me to manage alone.

Ideally you should be able to devote 4-6 hours a week online.

Preference will be given to international comrades.

Even if you have just been a regular reader but never contacted
us you could still volunteer… just write a brief intro..

The final selection will be done
at the sole discretion of Team Naxalrevolution


For Team Naxalrevolution

We are back

July 28, 2007

There is a huge backlog of press releases and articles which
will be published in the coming days.


Team Naxalrevolution


July 15, 2007

I am busy with personal work hence there might not be any updates for some time

Till then you could visit




for the latest updates


Team Naxalrevolution

Please read the updated disclaimer

June 30, 2007

On the advise of some good friends and comrades
it has been decided not to suspend posting on this blog.

Unfortunately news and news makers don’t wait for anyone
and we cannot let the readers suffer because one of our team
members is suffering from a bout of delusion which has
subsided considerably in the last few days.


Please go through the updated disclaimer below


Team Naxalrevolution

Naxal Revolution : Disclaimer

June 30, 2007

New Disclaimer : Updated 30/06/2007

Use this site at your own risk !

It is the responsibility of readers to protect themselves against being traced and monitored.We cannot safeguard your email ids which you submit for updates and nor can we prevent third parties from monitoring visitors to this website legally/illegally.

People accessing this site must not use it to carry out any unlawful or illegal activities. Any material submitted to the site can be used at the discretion of the site owner.

This blog may be monitored by several state,central and international intelligence agencies.We are not responsible if visiting this website invites legal/illegal action in your location/region/nation resulting in detention,bodily harm or even death.

The views expressed on this blog are personal. We do not claim
to be a representative voice of the views of any organization
whatsoever. We are not responsible for the content present on the
links that go out from this blog.

Presence of links on this blog, to websites of certain political
organisations/persons do not imply endorsement or affiliation.

This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and
is not connected to, nor does it support or condone any particular
organisation or movement. Information published on this blog is
reproduced from various public domain
media and academic sources.

Almost 90% of the content on this blog is reproduced from articles
which appeared in the mainstream media.Occasionally the CPI(Maoist) and
other Maoist parties make press releases to the main stream media
which are also published here.

Naxalrevolution does not endorse or adhere to the views or
opinions expressed in the mainstream media articles posted.
This is purely an information site, to inform interested parties.

If you find any content objectionable or offensive please get
in touch with us through email or leave a comment towards the
end of this post

We reserve the right to alter this Disclaimer at any time.

Thank You

Team Naxal Revolution

To know more about how to secure your Internet presence
please read : Internet Security

Blogging Temporarily suspended

June 28, 2007

As I had posted a few days ago… I am going to suspend blogging
on a temporary basis until some issues are sorted out.

Please visit Resistance India for the latest updates on the revolutionary situation in India.

We do plan to use our free time online pursing other projects
of interest.

We will post about them here when they are ready.


Is this blog responsible for the death of Com Rajamouli ?

June 26, 2007

When I started this blog… I never in my wildest dreams
expected it to end in this manner…

Almost a year ago an independent website that
provided news on the Maoist Movement in India was blocked
by the Indian government.

It was then that I took a spontaneous decision to start a blog
to provide news and updates on the Maoist movement.
I thought I would be doing my bit to counter censorship in India.

And that is why we today have

If wasn’t blocked then this blog would
never have come into existence. I would have been content
reading their updates.

I even had a decent blog back then where I made cartoons called
Indiacorporatewatch but had to stop once I started
blogging at this address.

One of the primary motives of the naxalrevolution
blog was and still remains to counter the reactionary
naxalwatch blog and we did a very good job of it,
delivering far more superior content and balanced news.

But never did we imagine that this blog will be accessed by
maoists and not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine that
this blog might play a role in someone’s death..

Yes.. Shocking as it may sound… this blog seems to have
blood on its hands.. or rather its pages.. and it is oozing
out of the keyboard even as I type onto my hands…

Yesterday night when I was looking for the latest news about
Maoists on Google news.. I came across this news item and it
left me dazed for a couple of minutes…

Rajamouli’s body handed over to kin

ANANTAPUR: Dharmavaram police handed over the body of Sande Rajamouli, one of the topmost Naxalite leader, to his relatives.

Rajamouli’s brother Ravindra, Amaraveerula Bandhu Vargam Sangham State leaders Padmakumari and Suseela came to Dharmavaram.

DSP Sivaiah spoke to them and handed over the body to them. Mouli’s relatives alleged that he was killed in a fake encounter and demanded an inquiry.

It is learnt that the CDs seized from near the body of the slain Naxalite contained important information. The information included the letter written by Mouli’s wife Rajita to Maoist politburo member Lakshman and e-mail IDs and websites of Maoist leaders in the world.


It was the last paragraph that sent my head spinning.

Now let us re read and reconsider that bit of information that
I have highlighted in red more carefully..

It says that a CD containing the email ids and website addresses
of Maoist leaders of the world were found on his body.

Now before we jump to conclusions let us think rationally
and answer some questions that I think are important
and need to be asked and answered.

Let us also make some assumptions and consider some

What are the chances that this list was compiled by Comrade Rajamouli
who was underground by surfing random websites online on his own ?
A. Nil

What are the chances that the list was passed to him indirectly through
someone else?
A. 50-50

What are the chances that the person who may have passed the list he had was
the same as the one I posted here only a month back?
A. Very High

What are the chances that a man who was underground for 2 decades
successfully would be suddenly be intercepted by police and murdered?
A. Nil

What are the chances that the person who accessed this blog was
traced by the Intelligence Bureau which monitors visitors to this blog and all those who subscribe to it through email updates 24 X 7 , 365 days a year ?
A. Very High

What are the chances that the Intelligence Bureau monitored that person
who accessed this blog and eventually came to know about Com Rajamouli’s
whereabouts through him ?
A. Very High

What are the chances that some readers of this blog are still being monitored?
and the lives of several people are in danger all because somebody
for whom this blog was not meant for accessed it regularly ?
A. Moderate

What are the chances that my gut feeling which is saying
that this blog has played a part in this murder indirectly is true?
A. Very High

What are the Chances we will ever find out the truth?
A. Nil

What are the chances that I am going to continue this blog ?
A. 1%

What are the chances I am going to delete this blog?

A. 50-50

What are the chances that this post is just the delusion of a paranoid mind ?

A. I don’t really know !

This blog seems to have become an albatross that I have to carry around my neck for the rest of my life.


Blog Template is being updated

May 20, 2007

Please bear with us…

The layout and all the links should be functional in
two to three days


Team naxalrevolution

Internet Security

April 30, 2007


If you have visited this website in the last one year or
corresponded with us through email in the last one
year then it is possible that your
internet connection
(if you surfed from home) and your email id is being
monitored illegally by criminal elements.

And all the the data you might have transmitted
through the net like email ids,phone numbers
been intercepted,tapped and are being monitored.

Reactionary governments/organisations have shown themselves willing to attack and intimidate people who aren’t even radicals and who are just researching social and political movements. They are also willing to repress or monitor people for other reasons. Repression is a real threat in some circumstances, and Naxalrevolution takes this seriously for the sake of the people who visit this site and other sites for different reasons.

Maintaining anonymity and practicing secure behaiviour makes it more difficult for agents and officials, often violating civil rights and breaking laws, to identify people interested in revolutionary knowledge.

It also makes things harder for right-wing activists, vigilantes and other groups to ruin the lives of people interested in revolutionary education.

As a part of Internet Security week the below posts will guide you on how to adopt some of the best internet security practices and how to secure your means of communication

For any doubts or clarifications please leave a request in the comments section.

Credits: I would like to thank irtr from whom I first heard about these security practices and riseup for the detailed information and good work that they are doing.

After reading the below posts.Naxalrevolution strongly recommends that you sign up for a new email account at either

and use it to communicate with us.

Please see to it that you adhere to their terms and conditions.

Full list of important articles and
email providers is given in the below posts.
Please read them all !

1. Why Security matters

2. Simple measures for email security

3. Security resources for activists

4. Install an anti-virus and keep it updated

5. Use a firewall for your personal computer

6.How to browse the Internet anonymously from
home,office or any other place

7. Browse the web using TOR

Blog Resources

1. How to backup your blog and get around any future bans

2. How to blog via email

3. How to restrict access to your blog

40th Anniversary of the Naxalbari Movement

April 30, 2007

23 rd May 2007 will be the fortieth anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising.

A friend recently reminded me of the importance of this year

This year is a commemorative year as 30 years ago,in 1977 was a landmark year for the C.P.I(M.L)Groups that followed Charu Mazumdar,particularly in Bihar.For the first time mass movements were deployed.(refer to Bela Bhatia’s article on Bihar)

It is also 25 years since the C.P.I.(M.L)Party Unity group was formed which merged into the C.P.I.M.L(Peoples War) in 1998,and which later merged with MCC
to become C.P.I(Maoist).It is also 25 years since the U.C.C.R.I.M.L led by
H.B.S held it’s special conference upholding the rectified international

It is also 20 years since the Dalechauk Baghera attack launched by MCC.
and 20 years since the historic anti-Khalistani rally in Moga in Punjab.(July
10th)later this year will be the 30th anniversary yaer of the formation of
Central Team Group also.

It will also be the 40thanniversary year of the Naxalbari movement on May
23rd this year.

Naxalrevolution has decided to conduct if possible a few interviews with people associated with Mass organisations and leaders of the various parliamentary naxalite factions who were inspired by naxalbari and own their origin directly or indirectly to the Naxalbari uprising.

In view of the enormous task and our limited reach
Naxalrevolution invites its readers to send in articles
written by them and of any interviews that they are
able to conduct.

You can email them to us in text format or mp3 format.

If the file you are sending to us as an attachment is large.
then please send it to us at
naxalrevolution(at the rate)gmail(dot)com

We will publish any material we receive.

We also invite suggestions from readers as to how we can commemorate
this occasion and take the message far and wide.


April 25, 2007

This web site is

* a blog which grew out of our personal frustration at the failure of
traditional commercial media to provide coverage of issues that
really mattered to us and to counter the massive disinformation
campaign unleashed by certain right wing elements to paint the
Maoists as thugs and terrorists when we
believe they are nothing less than freedom fighters fighting for
freedom from capitalist exploitation and liberation from the
prevailing barbarian social order.

*A source of unreported (or under reported) news from India and around the globe.

* An effort to provide more depth and understanding to current issues.

* This web site is the work of a group of individuals.

* We are not affiliated with any particular political party.

* We are not funded by any group.

* We work and live in Bangalore,India.

Purpose and Intent of this website:

This website does not suggest that it contains the “truth”. The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable (in our opinion) for anyone to say “I know the truth.”

If you came to this site in search of “the truth” you will be disappointed. That is also true of Aaj Tak, Zee News, NDTV and other rags that masquerade as newspapers but if you came here to gather information then you may find this blog a useful resource.

Gibran says in the “Prophet” Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”

That brings us to our first point:

A great thinker once said “Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people” this statement points to the absolute necessity of an informed citizenry if our nation is to evolve into a functioning progressive society.

This means that each citizen has a civic responsibility to inform himself and share that information with others. The corporate media pumps information into our homes and does a great job of providing the information that our government wants us to know. It has in my opinion become the propaganda arm of government, and a great number of those who call themselves journalists are in fact nothing less than presstitutes.

Truth is indefinable. Information is unlimited.

Hope you find the blog useful.


Team Naxalrevolution

Some new websites and blogs

April 16, 2007

Some websites that readers can browse

I would like to congratulate CPI(M-L) New Democracy on their
new website.It is a vast improvement over their previous website
on geocities.
You can access it below

And a popular alternate news website
has started two blogs one in english and one in malayalam.

English- Mainly about international events


Our New Email Id

April 12, 2007

Our new email is

naxalrevolution(at the rate) hushmail(dot)com

Please email all future queries and correspondence to the above email id.


Team Naxalrevolution

Intelligence Bureau declares war on Pro-Maoist bloggers

April 9, 2007

Two days ago a popular forum run by us on a social networking site was taken down by the Intelligence agencies.Clearly the popularity of the forum was what alarmed the agents and in a sense of panic they decided to ask the service provider to delete this discussion forum of ours
which had approximately 200 members.

The forum contained nothing illegal nor did it promote violence.It was a place for popular discussion on current events, politics , with CPM bashing occupying most of our time.

We now believe that the Intelligence bureau is now monitoring all blogs ,email ids and groups which may even be slighly pro-maoist.Not only are all bloggers being monitored but also those who visit such blogs and subscribe to them through email.

Naxalrevolution along with other pro-maoist bloggers condemns this unwarranted harassment and aggression on part of the Cyber Intelligence and has decided to initiate suitable steps to safe guard the security of bloggers,readers and blogs.

In view of this development it has been decided that from

April 10th to April 14th

we will be observing

Internet Security Week

on this blog.

All regular posting has been suspended and we will be posting articles about the internet and create awareness about basic internet security all through this week.Regular programming resumes next week.


Team Naxalrevolution

Related News

Orkut cooperates with Mumbai Police by sharing IP addresses of users
According to DCP Enforement, Sanjay Mohite, “Early February, I met three representatives from, including a top official from the US. The other two were from Bangalore. We reached a working agreement whereby Orkut has agreed to provide us details of the IP address from which an objectionable message or blog has been posted on the site and the Internet service provider involved.”

Besides, an encrypted code has also been agreed upon for such communication to prevent people from posing as the Mumbai Police. “I am also going to hold a meeting with all Internet service providers to stress the need to share information. We are also hoping to rope in YouTube in the future,” said Mohite.

Earlier, if a complaint regarding objectionable content was received, the police would contact the computer emergency response team, a government body based in New Delhi, and ask it to block the concerned web page. They did not have any way to track down the culprits.


Blogging Suspended

February 22, 2007

Dear Comrades

This looks like it was a false start.
I am unable to make time for blogging.
I have decided to suspend blogging again,
until further notice.



Popular Front of India – Empower India Conference

February 16, 2007

Popular Front of India will organize Empower India Conference at Bangalore on 15,16,17 February 2007 to discuss and conduct awareness sessions on the need of empowerment for Independence, freedom and Justice of common people.[1]

Introduction to the Mega Event

Popular Front of India Website
The website has been hacked by some criminal elements…
You can view the cache here

Empower India Conference Article on Wikipedia

Join the March of History


February 15, 2007

In the coming few days I will be updating the blog layout and making minor changes in layout and format.

Any suggestions to improve the site are welcome

I haven’t replied to any emails in a long time…will be replying to them in the coming days.

Regular posting will commence on this blog in another week or two but it will no longer be at it’s earlier pace.