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Joke of the day

August 6, 2007

Joke of the Day

If everything works out as planned, the Naxals will be uprooted in a month or two
Malnad Hyenas a.k.a Anti-Naxal force of Karnataka in this news report

First on reading that statement my instant reaction was to yawn
but then after a while when the absurdity of the statement sunk in
I began to laugh hysterically.

It is always good to laugh early in the morning… it keeps you healthy
by releasing endorphins which are good for your body and also boost
your immune system.

If the Malnad hyenas keep cracking such jokes everyday then we will all remain
healthy for a long time to come, laughter after all is the best medicine.

Laughing Malnad Hyenas – Laughing at themselves ?

True to their hyena nature they make us all laugh.. but that must not make
us forget that they are half mad… and in fits of extreme madness they are
know to even kill their own members to cover up their crimes ,like they
did recently in Agumbe where they murdered their
own colleague PSI Venkatesh…

Maybe this was done because Venkatesh was planning to expose
his seniors who masterminded the massacre of 5 civilians recently ?
We will never know…

It is only on rare occasions that they kill each other while most of the time
they prefer to gang up on social workers, civilians and murder them
ruthlessly for which their masters award them medals.

Its like a dog show… where the dog which performs the most
number of tricks and the best tricks wins medals.

The only difference here is that here the performers are
hyenas and the criteria is how many social workers you kill.

This year my favorite to win a medal is Shankar bidri the officer
who released the Naxal Sympathiser Merit List (Provisional)
in Karnataka .It was withdrawn after people realised what a joke
it was and now a updated final list is expected by the ‘
end of this year.

One such hyena who killed Comrade Saketh Rajan
and was awarded a Presidents medal for it
is currently rotting in jail for beating his wife
unconscious because she refused to polish his shoes !

A year ago we heard similiar statements from Mahendra Karma
the notorious butcher of bastar who has masterminded
dozens of massacres of tribals and is the chief planner of
Salwa Judum(State Sponsored terror campaign )

In May 2006, he told Tehelka in an interview that Salva Judum
would be able to finish the Naxals by June 2006.Interview

Now it is June 2007 , far from finishing off the naxalites the
civil war in chhattisgarh has reached epic proportions and
threatens to engulf the whole country slowly but surely.

For the last 40 years , ruling class tyrants, their lackeys and
their ever growing in number of faithful hyenas have
been saying that they will finish of the naxalites in two months.

Its the same every two months you ask them…
We will finish the naxalites
in two months … in two months ….. two months..

A whole generation of journalists and readers have
lived and died writing and reading about unnamed
sources in the police and intelligence department
claiming the movement will be finished in two months.

The problem with these fools is that they think killing
people kills the movement.

They are unable to discriminate between
Naxalism- The idea and Naxalite- The upholder of that Idea.

They have murdered more 10,000 supporters of this idea
in the last 40 years but have yet to make a
single dent on the idea itself.

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory is what forms the core of Naxalism.

It is not just a idea… it is the idea
and a very dangerous one too.

Dangerous because it asks uncomfortable questions
that long enslaved masses have forgotten to ask.
It makes people think for themselves.

History has shown us that you can kill people
but you can never kill ideas.

For Ideas live on , evolving ,spreading, learning
from their shortcomings and taking root in
new minds and bodies.

Naxalism is one such idea whose time has come.

It has to be taken to its legitimate conclusion in
the coming years manifesting itself in every
single nook and corner of the country..

As for killing Naxalite Revolutionaries.. .go on… go ahead
and try and kill them all , just don’t be surprised when you
find 10 in the place of every single one that you kill.


Whenever there is decay in truth.. Wherever injustice prevails
Wherever the humiliation of humanity ensures
A naxalite is born again and again.


Uppercaste landlords training Militia to take on Revolutionaries in Malnad Region

August 6, 2007

Landlords ard ruling class elite have started funding and training
a private militia on the lines of the Notorious Ranvir Sena in
Malnad region of Karnataka.

The cream of criminals in that region are being hired
and trained to unleash a reign of terror on the struggling
people of malnad

Vishwa Hindu Sena training criminals to take on Naxalite Revolutionaries

Mangalore, Jul 23: Home minister is responsible for the Naxalite menace, alleged Pramod Mutalik, president of Vishwa Hindu Sene on Sunday Jul 22.

He alleged that by withdrawing the list of 32 Naxal supporters he behaved irresponsibly and hence is the chief cause of the Naxal encounter recently.

“Ranavira Sene battalion composed mainly of criminals which is operating in Bihar against the problem of the Naxalism has been supported by the Sene, and in Malnad (Western Ghats of Karnataka) similar team is getting prepared in association with the Rama Sene,” he added.
The team has not named the few retired police officials sympatetic to the RSS who have extended their support to the team, he opined.

While replying to the queries raised by media persons, he said that although the ideals and goals are right, the way they go ahead is not right, he concluded.

Prasad Attavara, convener of Shri Rama Sene and Kumar Palemar were present in the press conference.


Judicial probe into Naxal encounter sought

August 4, 2007

Saturday August 4 2007 12:26 IST

SHIMOGA: Members of the Menasinahadya Encounter Agitation Federation took out a protest march in the city on Friday, demanding a judicial inquiry into the incident.

They alleged that policemen were responsible for the killing of innocent people by labelling it as an encounter. They demanded suspension of the policemen responsible for killing of innocent tribals.

The family members of the deceased should be given Rs 10,000 each, they said. A separate committee should be formed to investigate the series of robberies near Agumbe and action should be taken against the culprits, they demanded.


Karnataka: Land Struggle in More Areas

August 2, 2007

The CPI(M-L)Kanu Sanyal a parliamentary naxalite faction
seems to have dug in its heels and is preparing
to wage a protracted land struggle in Karnataka.

Karnataka: Land Struggle in More Areas

Koppal: In Koppal district for two SEZs to be operated by MSPL-SCMN ISPAT like MNCs and corporate houses ten thousands acres of land including 3700 acres of government land is earmarked for allocation. Already the small and middle peasants have formed peasant committees and have launched anti-SEZ campaign. Under the banner of CPI(ML) and KRS landless and poor peasants of Bansapur, Kidadal and Ginager villages were organised and 350 acres of government land is occupied, distributed to the families and tilling and cultivation work started from 20th June. Hundreds of peasants are mobilised in this struggle.

On 6th July marching 60 kms from their villages the landless and poor peasants went to Nelgipur where the chief minister was attending a programme. More than 350 landless people gheraoed the chief minister in spite of the presence of a large police force and demanded the distribution of the government land to landless families. The struggle against SEZ and with the slogan “land to the tillers” is gaining momentum in this district and spreading to more areas.

RAICHUR: Against the decision of the state government to transfer hundreds of acres of government land near about and in the city to a SEZ, on 9th July the slum dwellers, organised by CPI(ML), who are predominantly landless families, marched to these lands and put red flag occupying it. Hundreds of policemen led by district collector come and arrested many of the peasants and party leader including com. R. Manasayya. Prohibitive orders under Section 144 was imposed in the area.

On 24th June breaking the prohibitive orders a big rally was organised in which more than are thousand slum dwellers participated. In the public meeting in which thousands attended CPI(ML) leaders declared that all government land will be captured and distributed to landless families for cultivation.

MANVI: More than 300 families landless people of nearby area under the leadership of the party occupied 148 acres of agricultural land lying fallow in Muraharipur village on 24th July. The peasants have started tilling and cultivating the land.

NANDIGUDI SEZ: Nandigudi near Bangalore city is earmarked for a big SEZ occupying nearly 40,000 acres of agricultural land. Peasants have already started spontaneous struggles chasing away survey teams. While it is the Congress-led UPA government at centre which is spearheading the SEZs, in Karnataka, Congress which is in opposition is trying to hijack the movement claiming to oppose the SEZ. What TMC did in Nandigram is repeated by Congress in Nandigudi. Exposing this CPI(ML) teams undertook campaign in a number of villages. Peasants are mobilised in seven villages and one public meeting address by com. R. Manasayya and other comrades also was organised. Campaigning is continuing to build a people’s movement opposed to SEZs defeating the machinations of the BJP-JD(S) state government and the conspiracy of Congress.

‘No Naxal activity in Kuvempu varsity’

July 31, 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007 11:12 IST

DAVANAGERE: Naxal activities are not allowed on the Kuvempu University campus, said Vice- Chancellor Prof B S Sherigara.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, he said: “Before assuming charge as Vice-Chancellor I did not know what was going on, but now I am not allowing any kind of naxal activities. However, there may be some sympathisers’ towards naxal ideologies, but no university staff or members are involved in this.”

“Since no one can deny the freedom of speech and writing, following any principle or ideology, I do not want to comment,” he quipped.

He said that he did not believe in violence and would not allow any one to follow this path either.

The State Government must look into such affairs as the university is more concerned about its development and students, he replied. He said that Davanagere has all the requisites to have a university.

To increase the percentage of higher education from present seven to 20 per cent each district needs a university.

The UBDT College of Engineering has 40 posts of teaching faculty lying vacant as Rs 1.60 crore was required to meet the salary expenditure every year.


Chikmaglur hyenas bite only men in jeans pants

July 30, 2007

Here jeans make you a Naxal!

MENASINAHADYA (CHIKMAGALUR): It’s not just in some nations that a strict unspoken dress code prevails: eight hours away from cosmopolitan Bangalore is Menasinahadya,where wearing jeans is taboo. Reason: chances of getting branded as Naxals or as one of their supporters are high! “If we move around wearing trendy T-shirts and jeans, we are likely to get a thrashing from the police.

They suspect us of Naxal links and subject us to grilling,” said a youth (22),who preferred to remain anonymous fearing police action. A resident of Menasinahadya, he said there were several youngsters like him who are torn between aspirations and the dark ground reality.

Nestled in the thick Kudremukh forests in Koppa taluk, Menasinahadya has become a Naxal hotbed in the past four years. Three days ago, five civilians, including two were killed in a barbaric encounter in this silent hamlet where the only loud noises are that of gunshots. Menasinahadya has no metalled road or electricity and reaching it is a 5-km trek through the leech-infested rain forest.

“We’re caught in the crossfire between the police and Naxals. We, too, want to dress like the youth in Chikmagalur or Bangalore, but cannot.We are forced to crush our desires and that only increases our frustration,” said Pradeep, a tribal who has completed his graduation. The people of Menasinahadya are just seeing civilisation.

But if any of the youngsters are found sporting a cap and carrying a rucksack, the next few moments are a nightmare.


Mass sympathy wave for naxalites in the whole of western karnataka

July 13, 2007

Hundreds of leaders have been arrested and thrown
into jails by the State Terror forces as they fear a public
outburst of pent up anger against rabid anti-naxal force.

Thursday July 12 2007 13:16 IST

CHIKMAGALUR: Police arrested hundreds of leaders of progressive organisations and tribals who were protesting against the Naxal encounter at Menasinahadya, in various places in the district, including Balehonnur on Wednesday.

The post-mortem of five bodies brought from Menasinahadya was conducted under police protection at the district hospital and the process was recorded. Police were waiting for the relatives of the deceased till Wednesday evening.

Though some relatives of Ramegoudlu and his wife arrived, they were not ready to take the bodies, saying that they respect the decision of the tribals not to receive the bodies as the police had killed them in cold blood.

Cases: Police have booked 60 tribals of Menasinahadya in two separate cases, for obstructing their duty. More than 125 persons were arrested, including Kuduremukh National Park Virodhi Horata Okkuta president Kalkuli Vittal Hegde, Adivasi Girijana Hitarakshana Vedike president Kempegouda, secretary Mariappa, Gous Mohiyuddin and Puttaswamy.

Cases were registered against five persons encountered for misuse of weapons, illegal activity, firing on police etc, based on a complaint lodged by Koppa inspector Anil Kumar. Protest: On Tuesday, Menasinahadya villagers staged a protest till 2 pm, alleging that the police had killed innocent people.

IGP Prasad and SP Vipul Kumar stayed at Wodeyaramutt, as the villagers blocked the road with stones and set a vehicle ablaze. Police resorted to lathicharge on protesters and the road to the village was opened at 5 am on Wednesday.


Parmeshwar : Death of an organic intellectual

July 13, 2007

The murder of parmeshwar by the rabid anti-naxal force criminals is indeed a great loss for the people

Kalasa July 12: Both surprise and sorrow gripped the town on Wednesday as soon as it became aware of the fact that A S Parameshwar (30) from Athyadka village was one among the five, who were killed in an police encounter at Menasinahadya on Tuesday.

Parameshwar was a very familiar face for all those in the town who were interested in progressive issues. The man who usually found with a small bag on his shoulder every now and then, had just been to the town last week to meet his friends and had returned to his native place.

A member of a Girijana family in Menasinahadya, Parameshwara had actively involved in the struggle connected to Kudremukh National Park. A 2-3 acre agricultural land was the only source of livelihood for the 3 brothers, including him.

Parameshwar was a person with a straight forward opinion regarding social issues. A familiar face in Kalasa, Sringeri and Chikmagalur areas, he had found media as the powerful tool to fight against injustice.

He was the brain behind the successful Girijana convention held at Kalasa last year. Though he could not complete even his high school education, Parameshwar was knowledgeable enough to talk confidently about GATT, WTO and the like!

Being the general secretary of Rashtriya Udyana Virodhi Okkuta, Paramwshwar appeared publicly for his struggles, and why the government did not arrest him if he was a naxal, as they claim? That is the pertinent question posed by the people here


Shringeri: ‘Those Killed are Not Naxals, but Locals ‘ – Say Angry Locals

July 11, 2007

It is now believed that the Anti-naxal force has deliberately murdered Rame Gowda, Kaveri, and Subrahmanya who were residents of the house, where alleged naxalites had taken shelter to send a clear message to the people that those who will dare to break down their chains and refuse to be slaves to the ruling class tyrants will find their bodies filled with bullets !

House in which 3 civilians and 2 alleged naxal supporters were murdered by barbaric trigger happy anti-naxal force of Karnataka.

The locals here said that, the persons who died in the encounter were not Naxals, but they were locals. The locasl are furious regarding the inhuman act by anti-Naxal squad and Police personnel. They vented their anger by burning a police vehicle stationed there.

Angry villagers abuse barbaric cops stationed at murder site

Villagers demand arrest of criminals involved in murder

During the encounter a cow also became the victim and a house near the vicinity was badly damaged the sources said

Kalkulli Vittal Hegade, the progressive thinker of the town, has condemned this encounter and expressed his dissatisfaction and shock over the killing of innocent locals. He said that, innocent people who reside within the jurisdiction of Kudremukh National Park have been killed mistaking them being Naxals. The incident was tragic as it claimed the lives of guiltless poor people. he opined


5 Civilians killed by Karnataka State Terror forces

July 10, 2007

Shringeri: Bloodshed – 5 people branded as Naxals
by state terror forces gunned Down at Menasinahadya

Shringeri, Jul 10: When the presence of Naxalites was felt in the Western Ghats and Malnad region of the state some 4 years ago, no one would have thought that it would grow stronger in the coming days. Many might have even thought that with the encounters of Parvati and Hajima at Edu near Karkala, Naxals had left the region.

But the last couple of years have proved that it is not the Naxalites who have feared the administration but vice-versa. If Parvati and Hajima were the first one’s to be encountered, Naxalite leader and super brain behind forming and leading the Naxal movement in the state Saketh Rajan was shot dead along with Shivlinga at Menasinahadya on February 6, 2005. This was the like the beginning of bloodshed in the region, as Naxalites took revenge of Saketh’s death by killing 7 police personnel at Pavgadh.

From then, till today, people of Malnad region have hardly had good sleep on any day. While many have left the place and migrated to other regions, a few more are living in constant fear, behind sandwiched between the police and the Naxalites.

It was once again proved that bloodshed in the region is not going to stop in the near future when police gunned down 5 suspected Naxalites at Menasinahadya near Shringeri on Tuesday. It is said that a group of Naxalites had come to the house of one of the locals on Monday night for dinner and stayed there overnight.

But the police got a tip-off about their presence in the house and immediately surrounded the house. Though the Naxalites were asked to surrender themselves, they did not. Instead they opened firing at police in Tuesday morning. When police returned fire, 5 Naxalites were killed and 3 were seriously injured. Reports also said that even 8 police were injured in the exchange of fire. All the injured have been admitted to KMC Hospital at Manipal.

Though police have claimed that the encountered were Naxalites, locals say that they were not Naxals but locals. Police too have not yet officially announced about it and proved that they are Naxalites.


Mangalore: Naxals take away gun, cash from house

July 7, 2007

MANGALORE July 6: A group of people, suspected to be naxalites, barged into the house of Keshav Hegde at Hulgarbailu in the Sringeri police station limits in Chikmagalur district late on Wednesday. The 12-member group took away a single-barrelled breach-loading gun and Rs. 54,000 in cash from the house. The group also reportedly threatened the family against informing police about the incident.

Ashit Mohan Prasad, Inspector-General of Police (Western Range), said here on Thursday that the personnel from the Sringeri police station learnt of the incident on Thursday morning. The Anti-Naxal Force and the local police combed the region, but met with no success. Police had stepped up vigil in the area, he said.

Vipul Kumar, Superintendent of Police, Chikmagalur, said over phone that the group descended on Mr. Hegdes house around 9.30 p.m. and knocked on the door for half an hour. Mr. Hedge did not open the door suspecting that they were naxalites. It was only when the group threatened to break down the door that Mr. Hegde let them in, he said.

The group, which had snapped the telephone wires before entering the house, is said to have talked to Mr. Hegde about their way of life before making good their escape with the gun and money. They also scattered pamphlets in and around the house. The place where the incident occurred is almost an hours drive from Sringeri and located in difficult terrain, he said.

Director-General and Inspector-General of Police K. R. Srinivasan reviewed the ongoing operations against naxalites, at Karkala on Thursday. Mr. Kumar, who was busy with the Hulgarbailu incident, could not attend the meeting.

The Hindu

CPI(Maoist)Karnataka State Committee press release on burning of bus

July 5, 2007

Source : Received by email

Respectable editors and representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you.
We are sending this press note regarding action against killing of our beloved comrade sende Rajamouli and suppression of people,s movement.
Requesting to favour this for publish.

Yours in struggle
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)
2-07-07 Karnataka

Our PLGA( peoples liberation guerilla army) took action by burning state government bus, against the killing of our beloved comrade,central committee member and state secretary Sende Rajamouli.Karnataka government is providing all help to AP’s killer goons.Sevaral great revolutionary leaders like shym ,mahesh,murali were caught in karnataka.Karnataka government not intervened against it even violation of protocols, rules and policies are going on under their nose.But they themselves following same savage and fuedal murders.
This is our warning to the government against its antipeople stances, suppression of people’s movement and murder of revolutionaries. Suppression can’t stop struggle,it intensifies further,
as it becomes inevitable.

Government is preparing to implement disastrous fascist rules to curb people’s struggle. Ruling class political parties are fully colluded with the imperialist companies and local comprador capitalists to implement projects of exploitation, eviction and destruction of people’s lives and environment in Karnataka and particularly in western ghats area. People are opposing it. To suppress people’s dissent voice and opposition, government and it’s departments are showing its real fascist nature openly.All these are for protecting imperialist and comprador interests rather than people of the land. The so called democracy becoming airless balloon. Ruling establishment are curbing voices of the democrats and social thinkers.

People’s armed struggle is anti democratic like propaganda is going on among some intellectuals by cleverly avoiding lessons from the history,essence of class struggle and human development. Some intellectuals are writing articles, making statements and giving lectures to prove that they are against to the ongoing armed struggle in western ghats, by that they are trying to protect themselves from state’s onslaught, surrendering to the fascist state themselves. For this they are hypothecating their democratic rights and also they thought that they can authoritatively surrender people’s living rights and human rights. This shows hoax and hollowness of so called democracy, these intellectuals are preaching and upholding.

All these become helpful only for ruling classes,not for the people’s interests.this helps fascist forces such as communal forces. If any one not differ from state violence,coercion and oppression on people clearly, if any one equates oppressed people’s reactions with the state violence and ruling system’s violence, then it amounts to supporting state and it’s exploitative violence directly or indirectly to that extent.For example in nandigram of west bengal people reacted violently against the ruth less state violence as last resort for them.In western ghats also people conducted all forms struggle for sevaral years but ruling system aggressively came forward to implement anti people projects resulting destruction of thousands and lakhs of people’s lives.As A last resort they took arms under the leadership of our party.Government killed our 9 comrades without following any of the so called democratic rules and norms. Then how one can certify armed struggle is undemocratic one.Were they deny Sangolli rayanna,Bhagathsingh,Punnapravi

olar,Tippu sultan,Esur peasants and sevaral such peoples struggle as anti democratic.Were they negate French revolution or 18th century bourshouise democratic revolutions and socialist revolutions of the world as anti people and anti democratic.Can They show any example of social changes without using revolutionary violence,i,e reactions against the crude, ruthless violent state? If so, is it not hypocratic
Hence we appealing all democrats,intellectuals,pro people organizations and others to stood with the people at whatever circumstance comes, then only they part with the safeguarding themselves, people, country and democratic rights. Please don’t be with ruling classes and fascist governments at any cost. That only ensures your pro people stances.Critical struggle period proves ones real nature.

We are appealing all sons of the soil, intellectuals and pro people organizations to uphold peoples struggle and people’s revolutionary war i,e higher form of class struggle.We are upholding those intellectuals who are with the people’s cause and interests.
We appeal all people to condemn state’s ruthless violence on people and wage relentless struggle against it.
We strongly condemn state’s efforts to curb people’s democratic voice and struggle by all means.

Yours in struggle
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)
2-07-07 Karnataka

Another Nandigram brewing in Karnataka’s Nandagudi

July 3, 2007

Farmers gearing up to agitate against the move to let a private promoter develop an SEZ

BANGALORE: Nearly 55 km away from the infotech capital of the country, a new controversy is taking shape a laNandigram. Backed by political parties, farmers of Nandagudi are up in arms against the Karnataka government for giving the nod to a private entrepreneur to set up a special economic zone (SEZ).

The issue came to the fore when the government cleared the Mumbai-based SKIL Infrastructure’s proposal to set up an SEZ at an estimated cost of Rs 15,000 crore on 12,350 acre spread over 36 villages. Of this, the government owns 4,745 acre, while 7,605 acre are with farmers.

The nucleus of the issue at Nandagudi is the real estate potential of the land because of its proximity to the international airport — it is 25 km away from the upcoming international airport at Devanahalli. The value of the land has already touched Rs 40-50 lakh per acre. That’s reason enough for farmers to get anxious.

With the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) is extending its support to the farmers, the main Opposition party in the state, Congress, has alleged that the HD Kumaraswamy-led Janata Dal (Secular)-Bharatiya Janata Party government has been allotting more and more land to real estate developers under the SEZ banner.

With the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre promoting SEZs, the party’s state unit president, Mallikarjun Kharge, is quick to point out that they are not opposed to SEZs, but are against the state government’s policy of “misleading” farmers and asking them to hand over their land to real estate developers.

He says there are clear guidelines issued by the Centre against acquiring farmland for SEZs and alleges that the government has been violating them. The state wing of Congress is likely to chalk out plans on steps to be taken on the issue at its legislature party meeting to be held on July 3 or July 4, ahead of the Assembly session commencing from July 5.

Though Kumaraswamy has assured the farmers that the government would not acquire the land, directly or indirectly, to set up SEZs, the farmers, under the banner Nandagudi Raitha Hitarakshana Samithi, are gearing up to launch an agitation. “It is up to the promoter to convince the farmers and acquire the land. Moreover, farmers can give the land only if they like and the government will not force them in any way,” Kumaraswamy said.

But CPI (ML) state president R Manasiah is not impressed. “Even if the promoter is ready to offer the market price, the farmers will be forced to deal with middlemen who will exploit them. This is worse than the government acquiring land,” he said.


Pro-naxal list to be withdrawn, redrawn

July 3, 2007

DH News Service, Bangalore:
The government would drop the present list containing 33 names and a fresh list would be prepared based on certain guidelines, said Home and Law Minister M P Prakash.

The State government has decided to withdraw the controversial list of persons and organisations supporting naxal activities and to prepare a fresh list, announced Home and Law Minister M P Prakash on Monday.
Talking to reporters in Bangalore, Mr Prakash said the government would drop the present list containing 33 names and a fresh list would be prepared based on certain guidelines.

The individuals and organisations directly or indirectly supporting naxal activities, writing articles in media in favour of naxalism, giving speeches, etc would be part of the guidelines, he added.
The controversial list, in which names of lecturers and other important persons were included, was prepared during 2002-03, the Minister said.

To a query, Mr Prakash said it was not mandatory for the police department to bring to the notice of the home minister while preparing such a list as it was part of a “routine” procedure of maintaining law and order and information gathering.
Referring to burning of a bus by naxals near Agumbe, the Home Minister said that the act was done to protest against killing of a naxal leader in Andhra Pradesh, and the government would initiate suitable action to prevent such incidents in future.

Deccan Herald

I will expose govt in court – Kadilal Shammana

July 3, 2007

Monday July 2 2007 12:04 IST

MYSORE: “They can’t threaten or prevent me from raising my voice against injustice, just by including my name in the list of Naxal sympathisers. I will fight to prove my innocence,” said socialist and Raitha Sangha leader Kadidal Shamanna, who figures among the list of 33 Naxal sympathisers.

In an interview to this website’s newspaper, Shamanna clarified that he was thankful to the police for according him star value.

However, he saw a larger conspiracy behind the inclusion of his name, as leaders of the ruling party in Shimoga and Chikmagalur wanted to snub him for raising his voice against the government and for leading the farmers’ movement.

“They wanted me to be inactive, but I will carry on my crusade,” he said. He said that 33 alleged Naxal sympathisers have decided to file separate affidavits challenging the government to exhibit the file and prove the charges.

Sounding unsure about the assurance given by his close friend and Home Minister M P Prakash, Shamanna is of the opinion that keeping mum over the controversial list will give scope to future governments to build up the file or settle political scores.

He questioned the rationale of police terming them Naxal sympathisers for having attended a tribal marriage with MLA Mahima Patel and Chandrashekar Patil.

“Is it not strange to term me a Naxalist simply because I attended a function to pay tribute to late rationalist Ramdas,” he asked.


Naxals set bus on fire near Shimoga

July 3, 2007

Bangalore, July 3: Armed naxals set fire to a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus after asking the passengers and driver to alight from the vehicle on Agumbe-Shringeri route, about 110 km from Shimoga in the early hourson Sunday, police said.

The eight-member naxal group stopped the bus which was proceeding to Bangalore via Shringeri, asked the passengers and driver to get out and set fire to it and fled the scene
immediately, leaving the passengers stranded on the road, police sources at Shimoga told.

On getting the information, the Anti-Naxalite Force (ANF) and local police rushed to the spot and made alternative arrangements for the passengers.

Ex-Minister demands resignation of Karnataka Home Minister

June 28, 2007

Ex-Minister demands resignation of Karnataka Home Minister

Mysore, June 26: Former Minister and senior Congress leader H Viswanath today demanded the resignation of Karnataka Home Minister M P Prakash for not being aware of the disclosure of list of naxal sympathisers in the State by the police.

Talking to reporters here, he said Mr Prakash should have known the facts and names in the list.

Mr Viswanath condemned the Government’s attitude for including the names of veteran farmer leader Kadidalu Shamanna and many university professors in the naxal list.

”Mr Prakash should also suspend the police officials concerned for releasing the list,” he said.

Stating that Revenue Minister Jagadish Shettar was not aware of the recent decision regarding formation of two new districts in the State, he said it was another evidence that exposed the functioning of the government.

On land grabbing by various political leaders in the State, Mr Viswanath challenged Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to make their names public.


Naxal sympathisers’ list flayed

June 28, 2007

Tuesday June 26 2007 11:30 IST

SHIMOGA: Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike has condemned the inclusion of progressive thinkers, journalists and farmer leaders in the list of Naxal sympathisers.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Vedike secretary K L Ashok alleged that the State Government was trying to suppress the progressive movement and freedom of expression by releasing the list and was protecting the interests of communal outfits.

The list of Naxal sympathisers has disclosed the hidden agenda of the state government, he stated.

He also added that a case would be filed soon against police officer Shankar Bidari who disclosed the list.


CPI(Maoist) Karnataka Press release regarding murder of our beloved com Rajamouli ,central commitee member and Karnataka state secretary

June 25, 2007

Source : Received via email

Respectable editors and representatives of the media , struggle greetings to you.This is our press release regarding murder of our beloved com Rajamouli ,central commitee member and our state secretary by the ruling class goons of andhra police.

Requesting to publish this with due consideration.
yours in struggle,
Gangadhara 24-06-07
for the state committee

Comrade Raja mouli alias Naveen, central committee member and karnataka state committee secretary was cought at Kollom of kerala state on 22nd, at 2 o’ clock after noon, by the ruling class goons of andhra special police. At that time he was talking through phone, numbered 0474 2765303; may be at Kollum ksrtc bus stand, with the one of our comrades of karnataka.They tortured him severely and murdered with out caring any so called legal rules and norms. Then concocted, as usual, general story of encounter . He started from Bangalore on 20 th june at night 8.o clock . Whatever informations giving by the killer police officials about encounter is utterly false.These ruling class criminals are acting as mafia gangs, operating for money,posing as protecters of people,cheating civil society,doing all anti social activities and protects anti socials. Rajashekara reddy government of Andhra pradesh killed our comrade by throwing away all rules and norms that it has to be followed and protected.

Com Rajamouli was simple and mingling person. He took the responsibility of karnataka from november 2005. He was active and enthusiastic, had a good military knowledge, he delivered it to others also.He tried to know karnataka and guided as a secretary for more than one and half years He actively participated and led the successful struggle against right opportunist line,which came forward in the karnataka party during the 5th state conference ( 2005-2006.)

He was a relentless fighter in the miltary field and in the political feild. He contributed by bringing important political questions for discussions in recently concluded unity congress of the party. He spent his most of the life for serving the people and party.

His martyrdom is great loss to all India movement and karnataka particularly. People and party lost great revolutionary leader and military teacher. We are sharing all sorrows and griefs of his family and people. We saluting his parents for their contribution to indian revolution, by giving great leader to the people.

Revolutionary move ment can not be stopped by these type of heinous crimes on humanity by the ruling classes. Revolution is naturally growing phenamena reactionaries are naturally dying phenamena of this coercive exploitative world.Leadership and leaders were emerges and emerging from people’s struggle.People’s struggle can not be stopped without stopping exploitation.Revolution can not be stopped without bringing non exploitative egalitarian society.
Rajashekara reddy government will have to pay proper price for this murder.

* We strongly condemns this heinous murder of our beloved com Sendhe Rajamouli.

* We are pressing strongly to bring all murderers under punishment.

* We are requesting human rights organizations and activists to bring all facts of this state murder before the the people

* We appeal all people , democrats ,pro people organizations and progressives to condemn this murder and fight against this fascist rulers and their goons in uniform.

With revolutionary greetings

Yours in struggle,
Gangadhara 24-06-07
for the state committee


We are very sorry, by mistake we stated that our comrade sende rajamouli was caught on 22nd 2 o clock. It is 21st 2 oclock afternoon at kollam, he abruptly ended his talking through phone,numbered0474 2765303 ,with yeeh yeeeh like sound.
please consider this.and do the needful. And also consider while publishing our statement on this regard.Sorry for the inconvenience. yours in struggle


For the state committee

Beltangady: Abandoned Gun Found in a Naxal-affected Area

June 21, 2007

Beltangady, Jun 19: An abandoned gun was found in a Naxal-affected area at Sulkeri near Naravi here on Monday, June 18. It was found in a pump house owned by Achan Kutti of Heraje Farm.

On receiving definite information, policemen led by Beltangady SI, Gangi Reddy, raided the spot and recovered the gun.

The police have taken the matter seriously since this is a Naxal-affected area and it was only a few days ago that a few Naxalites were spotted in the region. The investigation is focused on finding whether the gun belonged to the Naxals or someone had hidden it in order to supply it to the Naxals.