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Salwa Judum Terror drives 50,000 adivasi’s into Andhra Pradesh

June 7, 2007

Salwa Judum excesses drives more than 50,000 tribals into AP
Wednesday June 6 2007 15:11 IST

KHAMMAM: The tribals of villages bordering Chattisgarh in Bhadrachalam division are living in constant fear.

Thousands of Adivasis have either migrated to Andhra or fled to forests in Chattisgarh due to the excesses committed by the Salwa Judum, a private army created by the Chattisgarh government to suppress the Naxal movement.

According to former MLA of Kunta in Chattisgarh Maneesh Kunja, about 50,000 Adivasis crossed the borders to save their skins. So far the activists of Salwa Judum killed 500 innocent Girijans on the pretext that they were assisting Naxalites, he added.

The Adivasis are sandwiched between Naxalites and Salwa Judum. About 2,000 houses of Adivasis have been reduced to ashes and they were robbed of their cattle, sheep and pigs, Maneesh said.

The exodus of Adivasis has become an headache for the Girijans this side of the border as Salwa Judum activists indulge in frequent raids pursuing their targets and forcibly take away their hens and sheep.

A public meeting held at Charla in Bhadrachalam division on June 2 denouncing the excesses of Salwa Judum was attended by 50,000 Adivasis speaks volumes about the intensity of the problem they are facing.

The Communist Party of India extended its support to the Adivasis and vowed to protect them from the Salwa Judum. CPI State secretary K Narayana and Maneesh demanded that the BJP government led by Raman Singh ban the Salwa Judum and file criminal cases against the activists of the latter.

The Salwa Judum was formed on June 4, 2005 under the leadership of opposition leader Mahendra Karma to wipe out the Naxalites.

But the Salwa Judum instead of killing the Naxalites were targetting the Adivasis, said All India Adivasi Mahasabha leader R Sankar Naik.

Thousands of Adivasis were leading a pathetic life in the camps run by Salwa Judum, he added. The Adivasis have been deprived of essential commodities as the Salwa Judum activists forced the closure of their weekly shandies, Sankar Naik said and demanded the withdrawal of Mizo and Naga forces from the Chhatisgarh, probe into the murders and lootings committed by the Salwa Judum, recall of migrated Adivasis and provide succour to them.

Otherwise he said the Adivasi Mahasabha would intensify its agitation in South Bastar in Chhattisgarh.


Salwa Judum goons terrorise bastar..

June 5, 2007

Seven CPI workers injured in clash

Raipur, June 3: At least seven CPI members, including a panchayat representative, were seriously injured today in a clash with activists of anti-Naxal movement Salwa Judum in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.

“All the seven injured have been admitted to Dornapal hospital in a serious condition,” CPI national executive member Chitta Ranjan Bakshi told reporters from Dantewada.

When contacted, Dantewada police confirmed the incident and said SP Rahul Sharma had left for the spot.

The incident took place near Dornapal when the CPI leaders and workers were returning from Cherla in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh after attending a meeting against the Salwa Judum and Naxal threat, police and CPI leaders said.

About 20,000 people had left their villages in Dantewada district because of the Salwa Judum and Naxal threat and took shelter in Andhra Pradesh and it was a CPI organised meeting in Cherla against their forced ouster, Bakshi said.

Initially, the vehicles of CPI leaders were blocked near Injeram, because of which they returned to Konta block headquarters and with police escort they crossed the Konta police station area, CPI leaders said.

After crossing the Konta area, they were passing through Dornapal area when Salwa Judum activists stopped their vehicles.

“Initially there was a verbal duel followed by the attack in which at least seven CPI leaders and workers were seriously injured and admitted to hospital.”


Chhattisgarh Terror Police exhibiting their natural behaviour

May 30, 2007

Khakhi Rakshashas exhibiting their natural behaviour

One Khaki Rakshas kicks the old adivasi in his face while another pulls his
hair , the other two Rakshashas watch with amusement,
while the old man breaks down into tears.

This type of behaviour can been seen all over Chhattisgarh and
more so in Bastar where msotly non-adivasi police personnel rape,
murder and loot the adivasi’s at will. Most adivasi’s
are considered sub-humans by caste hindus who now rule Chhattisgarh.

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After British Raj it is now Bania Raj(rule of merchants) in Chhattisgarh

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Chhattisgarh: Dr.Ilina is the latest target

May 30, 2007

After Dr Binayak Sen and Rajendra Sail now the Chhattisgarh Terror
Police is after Dr Ilina Sen..

Chhattisgarh: Dr.Ilina is the latest target

We invites all to join the huge rally protest of raipur on 31st. This will be a strong message to the repressive and undemoctaric state. . We hope you are already preparing to reach Raipur to join the voices of dissent.

Venue : KHALSA SCHOOL, near Pandri Bus stand, Pandri Accommodation: Pastoral Centre, near Holy Cross School, Baron Bazar Contact Person : Adv. Sudha Bhardwaj (mobile: 099266-03877)

Another major concern is about the threat of Dr. Ilina Sen getting arrested. This news is being spread by the CG police themselves and hence also the CG local press. Sources close to police confirm that they do plan to arrest her on the grounds of being owner of the house from where “incriminating evidence” was found.

This is ridiculous and should get on the nerves of anyone who has any allegiance to human rights or civil liberties. Friends, it is high-time we show the CG government that lawlessness and absolute human rights violations will not be tolerated by people. We hope the 31st programme becomes a common ground of this declaration.

From Delhi, we have friends including Shri. Achin vanaik (CNDP), Prof. Kamal Chenoy (JNU), Shri. Ashok Vajpayee, Shri Anil Choudhury (President, INSAF), Shri. J John (Chief Editor, Labour File) and Shri. Viraj Pattnaik (Centre for Equity Studies) among others who plan to be at the programme on the 31st at Raipur…

On Behalf of Delhi Solidarity Group and Sangharsh 2007, Sridevi Panikkar (09868099304) and Shreeprakash (09871880686) will be in Raipur to help with the coordination required… We are yet to get the names from PUCL, PUDR and MFC, as to who will be going…

However, the ground situation in Chhattisgarh continues to be extremely bad with more and more people’s movements and activists being targeted. Radheshyam Sharma is still in jail, but atleast he has ended his hunger strike and is not getting tortured compared to Piyush Guha or some others… Another issue is lack of pro-active legal support that is required from legal experts on HR issues and draconian legislations…

In Solidarity,
Vijayan MJ

via resistanceindia

The truth of Naxal-Police encounter : An interview with SPO sarpanch of Santoshpur

May 30, 2007

Originally posted on Cgnet
Link via Resistanceindia

Q Please tell on that day what time did you start your journey from here ( towards the village)
A : From here, we started at 0430. 0430 we went from here.

Q: So what happened after that?
A : When we went their, there were Sangham people. We caught them. When we surrounded them, one slipped away.

Q After that ?
A : One slipped away, we got hold of one and were returning with him. We saw a party was coming from the other side. The party took us back. They called us back.

Q : Second party, was it a police party
A : Yes

Q : What happened after that?
A : After that the second party came, the police party from Cherpal side. We waited for that party. They brought Sangham people with them from wherever they got and then after bringing them in the village killed them

Q: How were they killed?
A : by axe

Q: How many people were killed?
A : 6 people

Q : 6 people were killed, so who were the killers, police?
A : SP0 people

Q : SPOs killed them. So you didn’t stop them that they should not be killed?

A : We asked them not to kill Sir. We said they are our village people, we need to save them. But they said who are you to save them?

Q : So the killing was done only by SPOs ?
A : DF ( District Force) people were also there.

Q :Why were they brought to Santoshpur to kill ?

A : That I don’t know sir. This is known to the second party Sir.

Q : Villagers say some of them were collecting Mahua?
A : Yes Sir, some of them had baskets with them. They also had mahua in those baskests.

Q : These are the people who were killed
A : Yes

Q :So they were Sangham members or Mahua collectors ?
A : One or two were Mahua collectors. Rest were Sangham members

Q : Rest were Sangham members ?
A : …( silence)

Q : What is your full name
A : Gangaram Emla

Q : You are from Santoshpur, what is your post there?
A : I am the sarpanch of Santoshpur

Q : Are you sarpanch or a panch
A : Sarpanch

Salwa judam booklet published by CPI(Maoist) Chhattisgarh State committe

May 30, 2007
Source: Recieved via email and also posted by resistanceindia

We introduce a booklet on Salwa judam published by CPI(Maoist) Chhattisgarh State committe . Download


Introduction 7

Factual Description of Salwa Judum 13

The Class Basis: Concrete role of
the Feudals, CBB & Imperialists 34

LPG Onslaught: No less than a war
against the whole people43

The Mechanisms of Imperialist Rule: 67

Politico-Economic & Politico-Military
Chapter 5 The State sends out its invading 75

Occupational army
Chapter 6 The People’s War of Resistance 85

in Bastar (Chhattisgarh) & Jharkhand
Conclusion 94

Appendix 1 Letter of the CPI (Maoist) to the ICI. 102

Appendix 2 Excerpts from the article “Maoists in India – 116

You can download in PDF format at the below location also

A telgu document on Salwa Judum – Poru Mahila Salwa Judum Spl

May 30, 2007

Source : Received this by email from unknown individual

This is a telgu document printed in september 2006 and has 46 pages in length.
I do not understand Telgu and hence do not know what is printed but
I am posting it so that those who can read it will do so.

Two images which appear in the file showing what I think show the adivasi
Maoist sympathisers.

Download the PDF document file

Aiding the menace

May 28, 2007

Aiding the menace

There is a disturbing pattern in how governance seems to work in our country these days. Substantive problems — widespread and persistent illiteracy, collapse of state authority in Naxal-infested states, trafficking of women, widespread corruption — are ignored. Instead, the instruments of the State take recourse to periodic grandstanding to divert the attention from the real problem on hand. So dance bars are banned in Mumbai but the not the brothels, caste quotas are instituted in place of providing universal primary education. The Chattisgarh government’s Salva Judum anti-Naxalite campaign falls in this wool-over-your-eyes category, but in some ways it is actually worse since it actually aggravates an already serious problem.

If the State has one defining attribute, it is that of inflicting legal organised violence. But Chattisgarh has, with the active encouragement of the Union Home Ministry, allowed a motely crew of private individuals to unleash war on the Maoists in the state. According to estimates, this has led to a sharp escalation of violence in which the hapless tribals have been ground between the stones of Maoists and the state-sponsored militia. Tens of thousands of people displaced now live in some 27 state-run camps. By creating conditions in which non-combatants are being pushed into harm’s way, the state is abdicating its own role in fighting the Maoists. Regrouping villages is a tactic tried out in Malaysia and Vietnam. It is more brutal than ineffective and in the case of Chattisgarh, is being applied with characteristic incompetence, leaving the villagers with no livelihood and hence prey to Maoist recruitment. The reason why the British won in Malaya in the Fifties was not because of the forced relocation of villages, but because they successfully turned the majority Malay community against the minority Chinese, who formed the core of the communist guerilla movement.

The issue of Maoist violence and its spread in several Indian states is a serious matter. There is no doubt that it has to be tackled urgently. It requires good governance, employment opportunities and an effective law and order machinery. Needless to say, all this is easier said than done. But one thing is certain, responsibility for the task rests firmly with the government — at the state level and the Centre — not the hapless villagers.

Hindusthan Times

State Vs Naxals

May 25, 2007

The author of this article blogs at



The war on Maoists in Chhattisgarh is beginning to turn on civil society, reports Shivam Vij

The large number of protests by the civil society, both in Delhi and Raipur, over the arrest of a Human Rights activist in Raipur is the most significant sign yet of the Chhattisgarh government’s troubles over its policy against Naxalism. While the Intelligence Bureau has asked the Chhattisgarh government to explain why Binayak Sen was arrested, the Union Home ministry is considering cutting down funding for the controversial Salwa Judum project. The Supreme Court, acting in response to a pil, has also issued a notice to the Chhattisgarh government over human rights atrocities committed in the name of Salwa Judum or “peace movement”, which is supported by the government.

The People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has been bringing to light cases where the police has claimed that it killed Naxalites, when in fact those killed were ordinary tribals whose only fault was that they did not join the Salwa Judum. Such cases are difficult to bring to light because they often take place in the remote interiors and the tribals often do not speak Hindi. The PUCL has been at the forefront of exposing these killings and other activities, wherein entire villages have allegedly been ravaged for not joining the Salwa Judum. Unfortunately for the Chhattisgarh government, the PUCL has been able to rally civil rights groups and the media across the country against the Salwa Judum. The arrest of Binayak Sen on May 14 is a result of this effort to put the truth out, says PUCL Chhattisgarh president Rajendra Sail.

The police also searched Sen’s organic farm without a search warrant in what, Sen and his family feared, was an attempt to plant evidence of Sen’s involvement in Naxalite activities by linking him to a jailed senior CPI (Maoist) leader, Narayan Sanyal. Sen often met Sanyal in jail and exchanged postcards with him, but this was all with the knowledge of jail authorities who were privy to these conversations. The PUCL says that Sen met Sanyal to enquire about his health and help him get medical attention. The immediate cause of Sen’s arrest was a letter found with Piyush Guha, a businessman, which was to be handed over to Sanyal. Guha has also been arrested and the police refuses to divulge the contents of the letter.

On May 21, the police searched Sen’s house and is now trying to use whatever they could lay their hands on as evidence. This includes CDs pertaining to five fake encounters, a computer cpu, books and pamphlets by or about Naxalites or Salwa Judum members.

Sen has not been arrested under the ipc or provisions of the crpc, but under the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 (CSPSA) and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. The CSPSA, which was passed after pota lapsed, is said to be even more draconian. The Act has a provision that makes punishable verbal or written communication and representation or publication or broadcast of anything relating to Maoist activities. A number of local journalists have been threatened and silenced using these provisions.

Sen’s arrest came just when the Chhattisgarh administration was facing charges of having fake encounters conducted by the Salwa Judum. On March 31, seven tribals were killed in an “encounter” in Santoshpur village. Civil society activists say that the Chhattisgarh Police and Salwa Judum officers took the seven from Ponjer village to Santoshpur to kill them. The police claims they were members of the Sangham, the Naxalite wing composed of local tribals. An autopsy confirmed foul play but the state government has only ordered a police inquiry. Home Minister Ram Vichar Netam has gone on record saying that no action would be taken against the police officials. The police officials investigating the case say that the killings were committed by Naxalites dressed as policemen. However, an anonymously shot video shows the spo sarpanch of Santoshpur spilling the beans (available at

It is feared that Sen’s arrest may be followed by arrests of other activists in Raipur. Activists in other parts of the country could also be targetted. In Mumbai, the police have arrested one Arun Ferreira, who wanted to be a priest, for his alleged involvement in Naxalite activities. In February this year, the Union Home ministry was on the verge of acting against overground Naxalite symapthisers including academics and former bureaucrats, for statements they had made in a seminar in Delhi.

The Supreme Court, meanwhile, has issued a notice to the Chhattisgarh government asking it to explain its support to the Salwa Judum. This was in response to a petition filed by Nandini Sundar, Ramachandra Guha and EAS Sarma demanding an end to government support for the Salwa Judum; an independent inquiry into all killings, rape and arson whether by the Salwa Judum, security forces or Naxalites; registration of FIRs and prosecution of those found guilty; compensation to those affected by the Salwa Judum on the same lines as victims of Naxalites; rehabilitation of those who wish to leave the Salwa Judum; and preventing the state government from appointing minors as Special Police Officers.

But the Salwa Judum may die with a whimper even before the apex court passes a judgement. The Planning Commission, the Tribal Affairs ministry and the Panchayati Raj ministry have requested the Union Home ministry to stop funding the Salwa Judum and divert those funds towards development activities.


Constitution of `Salwa Judum’ challenged

May 22, 2007

Constitution of `Salwa Judum’ challenged

Legal Correspondent

Supreme Court issues notice to Chhattisgarh Government

# “Salwa Judum committing atrocities in the guise of countering the naxal movement”
# Chhattisgarh urged to order impartial enquiry into atrocities committed by this group

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has issued notice to the Chhattisgarh Government on a Public Interest Litigation petition challenging the constitution of `Salwa Judum’ (self-defence groups) to combat the naxalites.

A Bench of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan and Justice R.V. Raveendran issued the notice on the petition filed by Nandini Sundar, Ramachandra Guha and E.A.S. Sarma, after hearing senior counsel T.R. Andhyarujina, who brought to the notice of the court the killings and atrocities committed by the `Salwa Judum’ in the guise of countering the naxal movement.

Initially the Bench asked counsel that when the Central Government in its assessment to control naxalites menace permitted local restraint groups to be armed, “should the court interfere in such a policy. You must understand that naxalites go on killing innocent people in villages. The police are not coming to the rescue of these people. What is wrong in arming the local people to counter the naxal menace.” However, the Bench issued notice to the State Government after counsel highlighted the atrocities committed by activists of the `Salwa Judum.’

The petitioners said the `Salwa Judum’ was launched to combat naxalites. But in reality these activists conducted frequent raids on villages and suspected naxalite-sympathisers were beaten up and brutally killed; their houses torched and livestock stolen. These armed activists were also known to be involved in illegal checking of all vehicles passing through their area and levying illegal taxes on the occupants. There were also reports of these activists looting the occupants, who refused to pay their illegal levies.

The petitioners sought a direction to the Chhattisgarh Government to refrain from supporting, associating, encouraging or promoting in any manner the activities of the `Salwa Judum’ and to order an impartial enquiry to go into the atrocities committed by this group.

The Hindu

Probe reveals Chhattisgarh Police killed civilians

May 8, 2007

Probe reveals Chhattisgarh Police killed civilians

RAIPUR: The Chattisgarh Police have admitted that some of their men, busy fighting Maoist guerrillas, killed civilians in cold blood in a village in March.

But the police brass says that murder charges will be registered against the guilty men only after the bodies were exhumed and autopsies done “within a day or two”, said a police official. “An initial probe – based on talks with tribals of Ponjer village and police personnel’s statements – confirm that a police team visited the village March 31 and caused some civilian casualties,” said the police official.

“The police headquarters and the home department have been informed about the initial probe findings and civilian loss of lives. But murder charges will be registered against cops only after autopsies,” he added. “Police will conduct a fair probe and will not spare anyone who killed innocent villagers in the name of anti-Maoist measures. The guilty have to pay the price, but only after a full probe report is obtained,” he said.

Chhattisgarh Director General of Police O P Rathore ordered a probe Sunday into the alleged killings of five to seven civilians by a group of policemen in the tribal village of Ponjer in the state’s southern tip, a Maoist stronghold. The police allegedly took seven tribal youths to the neighbouring Santoshpur village for “interrogation”, branded them Maoist sympathisers and killed them. Local media reports claim that the cops shot dead four tribals and axed to death the three others.

The Times of India

Villagers say innocents were hacked, shot; cops say they were violent, Naxal ‘sympathizers’

May 8, 2007

Villagers say innocents were hacked, shot; cops say they were violent, Naxal ‘sympathizers’

Why this Chhattisgarh ‘encounter’ that killed seven a month ago is still a secret

Villagers say innocents were hacked, shot; cops say they were violent, Naxal ‘sympathizers’

Bijapur, May 4: On March 31, seven tribals were allegedly killed in an ‘encounter’ in Santoshpur village near Bijapur in Chhattisgarh.There was no FIR, the killings were not publicised or reported, not even in the local media. Residents of Ponjer village say the tribals, who the police claim were Sangham members (Naxalite sympathizers), were picked up by members of the Chattisgarh Armed Police and Salwa Judum, taken to nearby Santoshpur, and killed.

They say at least four of them were hacked to death and the rest shot. The five Ponjer villagers who were killed: Madiyam Fagu, Madiyam Lakhma, Kudiyan Musa, Markam Sanko and Marvi Mangu. Two others, Kudiuyam Bojha, a former SPO from Santoshpur who had apparently fallen out with the local administration, and an unidentified person were killed.

Two people, Kodia Mura and Podia, have been missing since the incident and villagers fear they have also been killed. “These were Sangham members and we had gone to these villages to conduct a search mission. There was an encounter and we were forced to act,” says SP Bijapur, Ratan Lal Dangi.

He, however, is unable to explain why the victims were not carrying any weapons. Home Minister Ram Vichar Netam says he does not know of any such encounter. “I have been out of the city for quite some time and would only be able to provide you with relevant details later,” he says.

Director General of Police O P Rathore, however, admits there was an encounter. “Gujarat ki bimari sab jagah faila rahe hain log. Chhattisgarh Police has a reputation for maintaining human rights. The Naxalites are savages and use such techniques, we are not into such things,” Rathore says. He says that Naxalite sympathizers attacked the search party and they were killed in retaliatory firing.

But the villagers say that on March 31, a group of security personnel marched into Ponjer at about 8.30 a.m. They started abusing people, alleging that they were Naxal sympathisers. “They asked all of us to gather under a tree and later asked these six people to accompany them for questioning,” said Madiyam Soni, whose son was killed.

The security personnel and members of Salwa Judum, the anti-Naxal force supported by the government, were allegedly accompanied by the local sarpanch Minku Gangaram. Villagers say Gangaram was upset with them as they had demanded developmental work in the village.

“The security personnel took these six people to Santoshpur village, where four others were also brought. They started beating these people. When one of them tried to escape, they shot Kudiyam Mura,” says a Santoshpur villager. Villagers from the forest near Santoshpur recovered the bodies around 5 p.m.

“How can someone act in such a cruel manner? These security personnel used axes and machetes to hack the victims,” said Kudiyan Puria, a resident of Santoshpur village. Soni said the villagers had no contact with anyone remotely concerned with Naxalites. “These men were picked up while they were collecting mahua. Do Naxalites or their sympathisers need to do such things?” she says.

Ponjer, which is home to over 25 families, is now deserted as residents have fled to neighbouring villages. Soni and her son, twelve-year-old Madiyam Mani Ram, are the only people left. Despite threats by Salwa Judum members, the family has decided to stay back. “I want the killers of my brother to be punished,” Mani Ram says, pointing to the grave of his brother, who was buried along with three other victims of the massacre.

The villagers are so scared that they haven’t even registered a complaint at the police station in Bijapur, 10 km away. “How can we hope to even approach the police when some of their own have committed such an act,” says Poonam Ramlu, a Ponjer resident.

Rape of Chhattishgarh – 11 Advasis butchered by Paramilitary

April 23, 2007

Bhumkal has a post on how paramilitary and police forces
are targeting innocent tribals to create a wave of terror.
He has some questions to ask… but I doubt if anyone
really has any answers to them

(click for larger view)

During his visit to village Santoshpur,eminent journalist Subhranshu Chaudhary found out that it was not 7 but nearly 12 tribals killed by the armed forces and the SPOs as part of K.P.S. Gills strategy to force the villagers leave home and live in “Salwa Judum” camps on the night of 31st march 07…..

I am sure there are good people also in the Armed forces,then why this genocide?Aren’t they scared that somebody is keeping a track of their inhuman acts?Why are they also becoming a player in the exploitation of Bastar?

Recently a CRPF truck was caught by the forest officials in Narainpur district loaded with Teak Wood to be smuggled to different places by armed forces?Is this a part of their training or the resources of bastar to tempting for them to break all the rules whether its Human Rights or Environmental??

Cops were too drunk to fight back against Maoist attack

March 22, 2007

Now cmon guys I think the media is being too harsh on the police..

Raping women and children and carrying out mass murder is a
tiresome job the police surely should have the right to “Chill Out”
with a bottle of beer or whisky at the end a hard day’s work.

‘Too drunk to fight’

TIMES NOW has access to an internal report prepared by a high-powered panel that draws startling conclusions regarding the daring Naxal attack on a police camp in Chhattisgarh. The attack shocked the nation as the Naxal retaliation killed 55 policemen.

The report makes clear that the policemen at the Rani Bodli camp were too drunk to fight back.
More than that, the report says that no one at the camp undertook night patrols and that a majority of the guards who had night duty were sleeping.


Salwa Judum Exposed !

March 19, 2007

The real facts and figures of Salwa Judum

The real cost of the hidden war

Link to video

Salwa Judum Rape fest in full swing

March 19, 2007

Top police officials have now joined the Salwa Judum Rape Fest

This happened some time ago and has been carried by the other blogs.

I am publishing it for the Archives..


Surrendered Maoist shot dead , Wife who convinced him to surrender gang raped by High ranking police official !

During investigations the team came across the shocking case of a tribal woman who was raped by the Superintend of Police in North Chhattisgarh. This happened after she tried to get her husband to surrender before the police.

Her husbnad, who had come to surrender, was shot in front of her eyes and then she went through this prolonged ordeal of gangrape. Two pertinent questions come to mind? How genuine is the surrender policy for Naxalites? We say that one of the achievements of the women’s movement is to have the law amended regarding custodial rape? But where is the law for the women of the toiling classes?

Download the document below

Comrade Prabhat has another report on how the Khakhi Rakshasas don’t even spare the SPO’s and molested one woman recently…

The differences between the SPO’s(Special Police Officers) and Armed Forces came into light when both the parties fired at each other after a woman SPO was alledgedly molested by jawans of Chhattisgarh Armed Police(CAF).

The SPO are realising now that they have been made guinea-pigs by the State Government of Chhattisgarh and the Armed Forces in their fight against the Maoists.Not only are the SPO used as Shields by the Brave Armed Forces during
combing operations but also the women SPO’s fall victim to the lust of the jawans.

Click on image for larger picture

Salwa Judum divides Congress in Chhattisgarh

December 28, 2006

Salwa Judum divides Congress in Chhattisgarh

Ejaz Kaiser

Raipur, December 26, 2006

The observations made by the National Commission for Women (NCW) on Salwa Judum has intensified the infighting within the Congress leadership in Chhattisgarh.

Now it seems that the report of NCW added ‘fire to the fuel’ and the already existing difference has become more apparent within the Congress Party on the Salwa Judum, a self-motivated tribal movement against Maoist violence.

After its visit to Bastar region, the Commission has expressed concern over the state of tribal women and girls in the government run relief camps in Dantewada district.

Former chief minister and Lok Sabha member Ajit Jogi has strongly opposed Salwa Judum campaign since its inception citing that the operation itself being poorly planned got derailed in which hundreds of innocent tribals are brutally killed either by the naxals or by pro-Salwa Judum activists, besides resulting into their large-scale displacement. Now the NCW’s concern at the increase in atrocities on tribals who are caught in intensified conflict between the naxals and Salwa Judum campaign has given fillip to his advocacy against the movement.

Reiterating his demand to call-off such movement, Jogi lashed out at the Raman Singh government for allegedly showing no concern over the plight of poor tribals.

However the leader of opposition Mahendra Karma has called the NCW report as farce and devoid of truth. It may be noted that Karma, a senior Congress leader, is leading the movement since it’s beginning. He is critical of Jogi’s observation on Salwa Judum also. “Jogi should better visit Bastar to find out the existing reality instead of disapproving the Campaign”, said Karma.

PCC President Charandas Mahant outrightly rejected the NCW report stating that since the beginning of the anti-naxal movement the women are relatively safer in the region. “Earlier naxalites exploited and badly treated women and girls but now Maoists are not able to draw enough courage to repeat such misdeeds”, asserted Mahant.

As things emerged out, it is now advantage for state BJP government in securing political benefit with two key office bearers from main opposition camp rejecting the NCW findings.

NCW Chairperson Girija Vyas admitted that the report has shown apprehension for the safety and security of women living in camps in future. “We are examining the recommendations and conclusions given by the members and accordingly will advice the State and Central governments with our own suggestions”, said Vyas.

The Commission has urged the Chhattisgarh Government not to pressurise villagers to join the ‘Campaign’ for fighting naxalites in the state.

Antagonised on stern opposition of the campaign by Jogi, who has emerged stronger in state Congress Party after the victory in Kota by-election, several state BJP leaders have stated that those opposing Salwa Judum are anti-national.


Letters from two mothers of Dantewada to the President of India

December 23, 2006

Letters from two mothers of Dantewada to the president of India

Honourable President , Sir,

I , Mrs Bhime, w/o Mr Chhannoo Ram of Village Dorguda ,Bhairamgarh Block, District South Bastar Dantewada, Chhatisgarh, am a tribal woman. My family has suffered grievous harm at the hands of Salwa Judum , the anti Naxal movement that has started in the area. My son Mr Mooda was killed as a Naxal supporter, in September 2005. My brother in law Mr Jaggoo and his daughter Phoolmati have been thrown in the Jail.

My son, my brother in law and his daughter did not want to leave the home and shift to the ( Government ) relief camps. That is why whenever they saw the members of Salwa Judum approaching them, they would leave their home, and run off into the forest. One day in September 2006, the security forces, Special Police officers, and members of the Salwa Judum surrounded our house, and killed my son. My brother in law and his daughter were put into jail.

Honourable sir, only a mother might be able to share the grief of an old woman whose son has been murdered in front of her own eyes. Who else can understand the sense of helplessness in such a situation.

The law is being flagrantly flaunted by the very custodians of law. These breakers of law and order have the declared support of the Government.

My daughter in law has been widowed in her youth and the two children are now fatherless. My husband and I are old, and our future was dependent on our son. How will we now manage our lives without him?

Honourable President, Sir, Please help me to get justice for my family members, and punishment for the members of Salwa Judum who murdered my son.

I am afraid that after I submit this application to you, there will be repressive action taken against me and my family. Or I might be kidnapped or framed in some false charges. If something like this does happen, the police and the administration shall be responsible for the harm that is done to me or to any member of my family.

With Thanks
Mrs Bhime, w/o mr Chhannoo Ram, Village Dorguda ,Bhairamgarh Block, District South Bastar Dantewada, Chhatisgarh,

Honourable President

I Mrs Sanaki, w/o Mr Mangooram Bhogami, Village Dorguda, Bhairamgarh Block, District South Bastar Dantewada, Chhatisgarh, am a tribal woman. I am deeply anguished by the torment meted out by the security personnel and Special Police Officers appointed by the Government in support of the Salwa Judum.

When the Salwa Judum activity started, my son Jairam Bhogami and my daughter in law Ramo Bhogami left our Dorguda home and shifted to our old ancestral home in Faraspal village . The Salwa Judum members were forcing all the people in our village to join the movement and shift to the ( Government ) relief camps.

We knew the problems of leaving our own home and shifting into the camps. The arrangements for stay in the camps were inadequate, and we would loose our livelihood if we left our homes and went away.

Considering our options, I decided to stay back in Dorguda and asked my son and daughter in law to shift to our ancestral home and take care of our farm land there.

On 24.11.06 I called my son and daughter in law as the rice had been harvested and I needed their help to store it safely. On my invitation they came over and we began our work.

At that time, the members of Salwa Judum, Special Police Officers and other security personnel came to our home and caught my son. They tied him up and started beating him. They said he had been missing for a long time and so he was a Naxal supporter. He told them that he was away in our ancestral village and home and was cultivating the land there. He also assured them that he was anyway planning to come down to meet them in the camps in a couple of days, but they tied his hands behind his back and brutally kicked him and beat him with sticks. When my daughter in law tried to stop them, she was also beaten up very badly.

After this they dragged my son to the police station in Mirtur village and beat him up there also. I am afraid the beating has caused him many internal injuries and breaking of bones because even after 2 weeks he is unable to move around at all. At present also he is locked up in the police station.

I was also beaten up and my chest and ribs are still in severe pain .

Honourable President Sir, my family has been harassed without any reason, and my son is still in police custody. This is a very frightening situation where there is no support available for the help of poor people like us, while the Salwa Judum movement is in action. I am sending this application to you with the hope of finding some justice. Please help my family members to find justice.

I am afraid that after I submit this application to you, there will be repressive action taken against me and my family. Or I might be kidnapped or framed in some false charges. If something like this does happen, the police and the administration shall be responsible for the harm that is done to me or to any member of my family.

Thanking you,

Mrs Sanaki, w/o Mr Mangooram Bhogami, Village Dorguda ,Bhairamgarh Block, District South Bastar Dantewada, Chhatisgarh

(Photocopy of original affidavit in Hindi available with Chhattisgarh Net)


Do not recruit boys and girls for Salwa Judum, say…

December 21, 2006

Do not recruit boys and girls for Salwa Judum, says NCW

Special Correspondent

Send home naxal violence-hit villagers in government camps

# Enforced displacement plays havoc with their life
# Give training to women, children

NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked the Chhattisgarh Government to send naxal-affected villagers in Dantewada and Bastar districts back home and provide them security.

In their report, NCW members Malini Bhattacharya and Manju Snehlata Hembram, who earlier this month visited the government camps, have said most of the villagers are caught between naxalite violence and the government-sponsored Salwa Judum or peace campaign. This enforced displacement is playing havoc with their normal way of living and affects women and children in particular.

Getting people involved in Salwa Judum would render them vulnerable to naxalite reprisal should they ever go back to their villages.Basic amenities and training in alternative livelihood should be provided for those unable to move out of the camps right now. The training should help women and youth become self-sufficient. They should not be pressured to join Salwa Judum.

“Set up panel”

The NCW says a fact-finding report from an all-India women’s committee, sent by the Committee against Violence on Women, contains a whole list of atrocities perpetrated on women. “We recommend that the Government set up an independent commission to investigate these cases.”

Disturbed at the recruitment of young boys and girls as special police officers (SPOs) to counter naxalite violence, the report has sought an end to this practice. “Their studies are being disrupted and they are not getting any training that would help them in the future.

“When they are discharged in the coming days, what are they going to do,” as their jobs are not permanent? Having served as SPOs, they cannot go back to their villages, as they will be targeted by naxalites. “We also have no doubt that this kind of life exposes young girls to the danger of exploitation of all kinds,” say the NCW members.

Another recommendation is payment of compensation to and rehabilitation of all women and children who have lost their kin or homes in violence involving either naxalites or Salwa Judum. For violence against tribals, action must be taken under the Prevention of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act.

Legal assistance

The 41 girl undertrials in the Jagdalpur jail in naxalite cases should have proper access to legal aid. Their complaints against Salwa Judum and the Central Reserve Police Force should be properly investigated.


Birth rate plunges in Salwa Judum -hit South Bastar

December 11, 2006

Birth rate plunges in Salwa Judum -hit South Bastar
S Karimuddin
Jagdalpur, December 8, 2006

CHILDBIRTH RATE has declined in Salwa Judum -affected villages of South Bastar. This is more pronounced in concentration camps where the villagers are being forcibily being held. Though more than 52,000 tribal men and women are being held in these camps for the past 14 months, no pregnancy has been reported, except for those who came to the camps carrying child.

Obviously, they get no room for privacy in the relief camps. Moreover, due to attacks
by Salwa Judum Militiamen they live in fear and trepidation.

According to NGOs working in Salwa Judum affected areas of South Bastar, tribals living under constant threat of Salwa Judum have undergone serious psychosomatic changes which may have affected their sexual behaviour.

Those captive in relief camps are living in almost open places, having no privacy round the clock. According to medical officers and gynaecologists, it is a fact that people lose sexual desire under adverse circumstances.

Therefore, the birth rate decline is a natural outcome of prevailing circumstances, and the fear-struck villagers will take a long time to recover even after the situation returns to normal, they add.

According to South Bastar Health Department records, the average birth rate in March-April 2005 was 30.9 per thousand, in March-April 2006 it was 28.4 per thousand, and during first six months till September 2006 it declined to 26.8 per thousand. Authorities and doctors declined to be quoted.

“How is it possible for a couple to think of procreation when everyone is living under the terror of Salwa Judum ?” asks Budhram Joga of Bhairamgarh. This speaks volumes about the situation in 20 relief camps in Konta and Bijapur areas. The villagers live in open camps facing day-to-day problems, Joga adds.

The block-wise birth records shows that the birth rate has declined nominally in areas not affected by Salwa Judum. It has declined alarmingly in the Salwa Judum -dominated localities. Senior Congress leader and former Congress MP M R Sodhi has expressed concerns over the trend.,0015002100000000.htm+Birth+rate+plunges+in+Naxal-hit+S+Bastar&hl=en&gl=in&ct=clnk&cd=1&client=firefox-a